Marlena Shaw – 1979 – Take A Bite

marlena shaw Take A Bite front

Marlena Shaw has had a long and diverse career: Soul singer on Cadet, Jazz singer on Blue Note, Soul and Disco singer on Columbia, then Supper Jazz singer to this day.  She can sing everything successfully and, unlike others, she doesn’t blush about her Disco period, from which this album is probably, if not the best, at least the more danceable.

Produced by Meco Monardo, Tony Bongiovi, Harold Wheeler and Marlena herself, it uses a full array of studios famous names: Hiram Bullock, Jeff Mironov, Paul Schafer, Bobby Bryant, Jon Faddis, Lew Soloff, Wayne Andre, Ronnie Cuber and more. So, Disco it is, sorry, you bashers, and it is a grand cru. Aaah, I can’t resist, here I am swirling in front of my PC … Gone is my reputation …
P.S.: the final song is a gospelish piano / voice duet which could reconciliate you with the lady, if such a profane album displease you.

A1 It Was a Very Good Year / I’m a Foster Child 3:07
A2 Love Dancin’ 4:31
A3 It Was a Very Good Year / I’m a Foster Child 0:40
A4 I Thank You 3:14
A5 It Was a Very Good Year / I’m a Foster Child 0:40
A6 Touch Me in the Morning 5:52
B1 Shaw Biz / Suddenly It’s How I Like to Feel / Shaw Biz (Reprise) 5:35
B2 No One Yet 5:15
B3 Haven’t We Been in Love Before ? 4:08
B4 I’ll Be Your Friend 3:57

marlena shaw Take A Bite back

Marlena Shaw is an incredible singer/performer to experience live and during the Disco Era this brilliantly arranged and performed musical extravaganza show what it was like to experience this great singer in a Disco Club with that loose soulful delivery always sublime going to the heart & soul of a song in her own uniquely original way…theme “It Was A Very Good Year” mixes throught various songs to great effect and fascinating to listen to all over the map vocals from the amazing Marlena complete with her classic spoken dialogue passages she is well known for.

Marlena Shaw for anyone familiar with her extraordinary body of work from sixties to current, know this remarkable talent is one of the finest singers over the past fifty years but while she has worked steady acclaim deserved has not happened but thanks to Soul Music Classics these awesome Columbia Records classics are being made available with state of the art production and each masterpiece is a must have for any serious lover of great singers and clearly Marlena Shaw is truly one of those “Unsung” legendary giants…Bravo Marlena!