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Leroy Hutson – 1976 – II

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leroy hutson II front

Leroy Hutson had an amazing start to his career as a solo artist.He kept churning out one fine LP after another,with this effort being no exception.In fact it could be argued that all his work for the the Curtom label is essential listening.

The quality level is high and the music smooth,well written and lushly produced.Heavy use of strings and horns and a fine understanding of songwriting.Leroy also shows off his talents for instrumentals with a couple here on this LP.Very similar in style to his friend and former room-mate Donny Hathaway,which is never a bad thing. Hutson does not have the strongest or interesting voices but what makes him so good is that he is well aware of this and accounts for it by never trying to strain too hard.Wonderful.

A1 Love The Feeling 2:53
A2 Situations (Instrumental) 1:10
A3 I Do I Do (Want To Make Love To You) 3:27
A4 I Think I’m Falling In Love 3:28
A5 Love To Hold You Close 3:19
B1 Flying High 3:49
B2 Blackberry Jam 4:50
B3 Sofunkstication 4:45
B4 Don’t It Make You Feel Good 3:04

leroy hutson II back

One of our favorite soul albums ever – a complete masterpiece from the mighty Leroy Hutson, easily one of the greatest soul singers of the 70s! The album’s got a warmth that’s amazing, yet also still manages to groove all the way through – hitting a subtle, almost mellow vibe that’s like Marvin Gaye or Roy Ayers at their best – but somehow even better because the album’s a lot less familiar than their work, and has a freshness that grabs us again and again over the years!

Hutson arranged and produced the whole set himself – and the scope of his talents in the studio is amazing – tight on the rhythms, but broadly expansive on the other instrumentation – with a mix of intimacy and class that few other records from the 70s could ever hope to match. Perfect all the way through, and filled with genius cuts that include “Don’t It Make You Feel Good”, “I Think I’m Falling In Love”.