Lamont Dozier – 1974 – Love and Beauty

Lamont Dozier Love And Beauty front

A massive album by Lamont Dozier – probably his best ever!

Every cut’s a winner, and the LP shines with a sharpness and tightness that’s missing from some of Lamont’s other LPs from the 70s. The songwriting is impeccable – and as the album progresses, you get that eerie “deja vu” feeling you can have when discovering a landmark work for the first time. There’s a hint of funk in the mix, but the strongest point is the production – which bowls over the top with a mix of strings, piano, and Lamont’s wonderfully honest vocals.

Includes the wonderful soul anthem “Don’t Leave Me“, which comes up again in a very tight instrumental version – plus the tracks “The Picture Will Never Change“, “Why Can’t We Be Lovers“, and “Slipping Away“.

Great all the way through, and a stunning bit of seventies soul that will have you returning again and again!

A1 Why Can’t We Be Lovers 4:01
A2 Don’t Stop Playing Our Song 3:30
A3 If You Don’t Want To Be In My Life 2:54
A4 The Picture Will Never Change 5:30
B1 Don’t Leave Me 3:12
B2 Don’t Leave Me (Instrumental) 3:12
B3 New Breed Kinda Woman 2:58
B4 Enough Of Your Love 2:36
B5 Slipping Away 2:50

Lamont Dozier ‎Love And Beauty back

In 1974, I was in the military stationed on the isle of Guam so I was unable to keep up the same fervor with music as when I was stateside; I had to depend on sources coming over from the states,. Therefore, I was unaware of the “Love & Beauty” lp by Lamont Dozier until 1977 when I came back and was stationed in Millington, Tenn. My roommate may have been perturb by my constantly playing this wonderful album, but it was a mainstay in my repetoire everyday. I was first haunted by “Why Can’t We Be Lovers?” because of Lamont’s ever dramatic, unique vocals and the effervescent background voices. Then came “Don’t Stop Playing Our Song” that had an mellifluous string/rhythm section interplay that was amazing.

I played this side incessantly until my roomy said “why don’t you ever play the flip side?”. Needless to say I ignored him up until recently when I purchased this H-D-H compilation. I also bought the single of “Why” a few years back and was amazed once again by the power of Dozier’s voice and the deft arrangements; I also got a CD earlier containing a remixed version of “Don’t Stop” with a sparse intro with just the rhythm section and I have to say I am just as blown by it as the three arrangements of “Why”.

This is truly a dynamic project as my eyes were reopened to the Masters of the music I’ve always love and cherished. I suggest you “Get It”!!