Johnny Mayes – 1979 – Just A Few Facts Of Life


Now, here is a a pretty rare goodie, check prices here, never released on CD.

Privately pressed in 1979, written by Johnny Mayes and composed by Dement Ormond Jr, with George Puleo on guitar.

An uptempo, modern soul adventure – lots of hidden gems here. Rumoured to be less than 1,000 pressed – on the obscure WNY label, Mad May [MD 2001,1979].

It contains a lot of solid tracks from disco modern soul to laid back cosmic mellow soul….


Very rare indie / private NY release soul album. Full of great modern & funky soul tracks, with the two standout cuts being “I could never be the one” and “Love is on its way” both of which are great up tempo dancers.

There’s a few copies on discogs from €65 to €130