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Jimmy McKee ‎- 1978 – First Time Out

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Original U.S. Pressing of this great 70’s Jazz Funk LP

The  work of keyboard player Jimmy McKee from Kentucky who also served as a backing for famous artists such as Millie Jackson, Al Wilson, and Leon Haywood.

Including Spinners’ famous song “I’ll Be Around” featuring female chorus,  a nice cover version with a great response in the middle !

A1 In And Out 5:25
A2 Enticement 4:33
A3 Please Let Me Love You Tonight 2:31
A4 Get Back On Down 5:57
B1 I’ll Be Around 5:07
B2 It’s That Way Some Of The Time 2:51
B3 Drown In My Own Tears 6:43

One of the most refrshing and inspirational artist to emerge on the music scene today. His music sets the pace for dancing or just listening. He has a definite style of his own, having written, arranged and conduscted five of the seven rendentions in this album.
McKee sterted playing the piano at the age of five in his chutch in London, Kentucky, his birthplace. His early inspiration came from his mothe, Father, and Aunt “Lil”. They were aware of his musical ability and ancouraged him to pursue a carrer in the fiels. His progression to the organ came in the early teen years. He came to Detroit in 1964 and complete a Master Degree in Business Education.

He continued to involve himself in music, backing such artists as Millie Jackson, Al Wilson, Little Johnny Taylor, Leon Haywood, to name a few.
Jimmy was greatly inspired by his friend, the great organist Lonnie Smith as he participated in many jam sessions with Smith and George Benson. This associated helped to give him a more solid background in music foundation.
This album is presentation of many moods, Disco, Blues, Balland and Jazz.
McKee ia an energetic man of many talents, never sitting still.

(Liner notes from album’s back cover)