The Facts Of Life – 1977 – A Matter Of Fact

A Matter of Fact is the second and last album by soul/disco trio Facts of Life.

Produced by Millie Jackson, the album features a cover of Larry Santos‘ pop tune, “We Can’t Hide It Anymore“.

“A producer usually doesn’t write liner notes, but never being known as shy, I’ll take a chance.
The Facts of Life were my inspiration to be a singer myself. They are raw soul in its natural state. This album contains feelings that usually do not appear on records and only once in a while in concert.
The facts are, they believe in what they’re singing and I believe in what they’re saying. So when you listen to this album, I think you can’t help but learn about the FACTS OF LIFE…….. Millie J.”

A1 Did He Make Love to You 5:43
A2 We Can’t Hide It Anymore 3:59
A3 He Ain’t You 3:18
A4 Do You Wanna Make Love 3:48
B1 I’m Way Ahead of You 4:38
B2 You Always Get Your Way 3:35
B3 It’s Only a Matter of Time 2:52
B4 This Ain’t No Time to Sleep Apart 3:51
B5 Dr. Feelgood 3:25

A killer album of southern soul harmony from The Facts Of Life – a trio with one female singer, two guys, and a great sound overall!

The album’s actually produced by Millie Jackson – and has that great blend of modern and southern modes that she was hitting in her best mid 70s years. The sense of interplay and harmony between the singers is a bit like Soul Children at their height – and the album’s also got some warm Muscle Shoals backing that really makes the whole thing come off right!

A Soul trio, based in New York and Chicago, formed by Millie Jackson.

As a group they were first recorded under a name The Gospel Truth.

Their first record under that name was “Up Hill Peace Of Mind”.
Keith Williams has sung with Little Anthony & The Imperials and was the lead vocalist on the record “Buffalo Soldier” with Flamingos.

Jean Davis is sister of Tyrone Davis.

Chuck Carter was a solo 60’s singer, recording singles like “Pretty Little Brown Skin Girl” and “A Teardrop Fell”.

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