Dean Martin – Christmas With Dino

Dean Martin - Christmas with Dino front

It is included in Mojo‘s Top 15 Christmas Albums ever.

This CD compiles the “best” songs from Dean Martin’s two Christmas albums (1959’s A Winter Romance & 1966’s The Dean Martin Christmas Album), plus the 1953 single “The Christmas Blues”. Some songs appear twice on this disc, because Dean recorded them for both of his Christmas albums.

Dean Martin - Christmas with Dino back

Christmas with Dino. Let’s ponder that concept a second. No, let’s revel in it. It would involve plenty of these, perhaps one or two of these, and plenty of feet-up time. Dean might sing you a song… but rest assured he wouldn’t knock himself out. That’s OK, though. Martin’s good-natured mumble-croon is the perfect complement to a lazy Yule: real-fire warm and ludicrously laid back – practically comatose, in fact, on Winter Wonderland, drawn for this seasonal Dino roundup from his 1966 Crimble cash-in, The Dean Martin Christmas Album. These tracks are never less than exceedingly agreeable, but are bettered by those drawn from 1959’s A Winter Romance, with gloriously witty arrangements and crisp work by the Gus Levene-conducted orchestra putting the porridgey ’66-vintage orchestrations to shame. This, surely, is the best Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! on record, and elsewhere Dino lives up to his ‘King Leer’ nickname on Frank Loesser’s slyly lascivious Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Dean’s Christmas TV special became a holiday staple in the States. Like everything else, he didn’t seem to take it terribly seriously, and perhaps the irony was not lost on him when he expired, of an acute respiratory failure, on Christmas morning, 1995. All ye who live to loaf, raise a glass to him. Danny Eccleston.

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