Bobby Bland – 1974 – Dreamer

Bobby Bland - Dreamer front

This album is a gem…..classic R&B sung by the master himself, Mr. Bobby Blue Bland. Do not let the release date of 1974 scare you…there is absolutely no “disco” sound only pure “sung from the soul” R&B with a fantastic back-up band. Each cut is unique to itself so that it never gets boring; each song is a timeless classic of love lost or of being down and out.

When you’re feeling blue this is the album to turn to!

Bobby Bland - Dreamer back

By David N. Winer

Yes, despite the domination of Heavy Weight Production and L.A.’s Super-Session Players, that smooth voice of Bobby “Blue” Bland still comes shinin’ through.
Seems as though a lot was needed to work around The Blues’ seemingly tight frame and Bland with producers Steve Barri and Michael Omartian, this new combination and a follow-up to Bland’s CALIFORNIA ALBUM, (which stuck a lot more closer to the genre) really clicked. And Even Better!

Add to that, songs like the moving “Ain’t No Love (In The Heart Of The City)“, the ‘Baby, You’re Never ‘Round, When I Need You’ of “I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)“, the ‘Call & Response’ Vocals on “Whose Foolin’ Who?“, the ‘Back To The More Traditional Blues Roots’ of “Cold Day In Hell“, “Lovin’ On Borrowed Time“, “When You Come To The End Of Your Road” and “24-Hour Blues“, the ‘Thrill Is Gone’ Big Hit Commercial Quality of “I Ain’t Gonna Be The First To Cry“, the ‘Rock Song’, “Yolanda“, with it’s Searing, Soaring Rock Guitar Solo, and the title-track, loaded with very worthwhile Electric Piano & Synthesizer Solos that really compliment Bland’s “Smoother Than Honey, Powerful Than Thunder” Voice.

And Recorded at ABC Recording Studios in Los Angeles, you’re sure to get the “Cream Of The Crop” players like guitarists Dean Parks, Ben Benay and Larry Carlton, bassist Wilton Felder, drummer Ed Green, Hollywood’s top horn players Tony Terran, John Kelson, Ernie Watts, Paul Hubinon, Jim Horn, Lew McCreary and Peter Cristlieb the “Wild, Willing ‘N’ Wailing” background vocals of Ginger Blake, Julia Tilman and Maxine Willard and Sid Sharp and his “Real Strings”. And of course, Bobby’s voice, in top form and at its Best!

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