Bill Brandon – 1977 – Bill Brandon

Bill Brandon front

This is another rare prelude gem. Bill Brandon’s only album from 1977.

Bill Brandon is an R&B vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (trumpet, bass and drums),   who had a very modest career as a recording artist with around 12 singles released from 1967 to 1979 and one vinyl album emerging in 1977, while managing to get just two onto the national charts. The first was the April 1972 # 33 R&B Stop This Merry-Go-Round, which came out as Moonsong 9001 b/w I’m A Believer Now, while the other was the March-April 1978 # 30 R&B/# 80 Billboard Pop Hot 100 We Fell In Love While Dancing on Prelude 71102 b/w a longer version of the same song.

A1 Can’t We Just Sit Down And Talk It Over 6:20
A2 Just Can’t Walk Away 3:32
A3 You Don’t Have To Say 3:34
A4 Hands Full Of Nothing 4:32
B1 We Fell In Love While Dancing 6:10
B2 Baby, Love Is A Two Way Street 2:57
B3 You Made My Life So Bright 3:42
B4 No Danger Of Heartbreak Ahead 4:00

Bill Brandon back

Bill Brandon started his recording career recording for small local labels such as Tower and Quinvy most notably with his version of the Dan Penn song ‘Rainbow Road’.

He later signed up with Sam Dees Moonsong / Piedmont label in the late sixties.

He acted as an in house writer / artist writing such songs as ‘Stop This Merry Go Round‘ (which was a hit for John Edwards) and recording Southern ballads such as ‘I’m A Believer Now‘ and ‘Tag, Tag‘.

Funky tunes such as ‘Stop This Merry Go Round‘ and ‘Let Me BeYour Full Time Groover‘ (with Lorraine Johnson) along with modern anthems such as ‘The Streets Got My Lady‘ and ‘Whatever I Am I’m Yours‘ were also popular.

On leaving Sam Dees production team he linked up with Moses Dillard and Jesse Boyce who wrote and produced his only album for Prelude in 1977 entitled ‘Bill Brandon’.

Two singles emerged from the album. ‘We Fell In Love While Dancing‘ which became his only hit and the wonderful balland “Can’t We Just Sit Down And Talk It Over“.