Aposento Alto ‎- 1978 – Goodby Old Friends

Holy grail status here!

The legendary Aposento Alto LP from San Jose, California, rarely turns up these days.

It’s  a  crazy  obscure,  private  press, Latin gospel soul funk  album out of Modesto, CA. 

Yeah, Latin gospel soul funk…there’s no better way to describe it and if you  listen  to ” Rejoice ” you’ll  see what  I  mean.  I’ve never heard Latin gospel but now that I have…if it all sounds like this, I’m down like the ground.  Besides Rejoice, it has some slower soul tunes and this epic, eight  minute  cut  “Te  Amo “that features a ridiculous 2-3 minute drum solo complete with a steady, back-breaking, breakbeat  (complete with all kinds of fills and rolls) that’s over a minute long.


A1 El Vendra (He’s Coming) 6.34
A2 I’m So Tired 6.41
A3 What A Happy Life 6.09
B1 Rejoice 5.51
B2 Te Amo 12.22
B3 Good-by Old Friends 3.32

Alto’s Goodby Old Friends is a private press gem. Released in 1978, this document of west coast latin religious funk is bursting with character.

Firstly, if you were justified to buy a record just because of a singular break, “Te Amo” is the most compelling reason out there. This is the dream scenario diggers always envision: 7 minute quality latin funk track. At the midpoint, weird spacey breakdown. Epic cymbal solo. Then out of the heavens a thunderous breakbeat (5:57) that doesn’t let up. Ungggh.

There’s more to the record, so check out the uptempo opener “El Vendra“, the low grooving title track, and upbeat “What A Happy Life” (but the Jesus references still throw me off). The vocals are a bit amateurish (existing a notch above your Headless Heroes), but gives this album that indelible time stamp character.