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Akwassa – 1977 – In The Groove

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Classic Nigerian afro-funk record originally released in 1977.

Highly sought after with original copies going for hundreds of pounds and packed with dance floor fillers!

AKWASSA were stars in their palce. “In the groove” was a perfect album that would appeal to each and every fan of funky music. All the members of AKWASSA stayed with music after the band dissolved in the late 70s, some of them until recent years, others straight up into the 80s or 90s.

Even though this important Nigerian band called out it’s quit somewhen, they left a rich legacy of music! Colorful and inspiring this album is made to last forever due to the memorable hooks and harmonies, while collectors spend 1.000 EUR for original copies.

A1 Have Patience 4:10
A2 No One Else 4:01
A3 We Believe In Peace 4:05
A4 Everybody’s Getting On 5:55
B1 Love Me Now 4:05
B2 Make Your Self (What You Wanna Be) 3:38
B3 Give Me Some Funk 3:57
B4 Jam All Night 4:21

Nigeria has been one of these African countries with a rich western oriented music scene spawning some highly praised garage rock acts like OFEGE and some hot blooded steaming funk acts. One of these groups taking a turn on music that was happening a few thousand miles west in the USA about five or six years prior was AKWASSA and here we gotta listen to their second album “In the groove” and the title actually says it all.

They play some funky music that would make James Brown (God rest his soul) or Betty Davis (Miles Davis’ beautiful and highly gifted wife) go crazy for and they do it with a routine you would rather expect with American superstars. AKWASSA impress with a tight as a teenie’s ass rhythm section grooving some hypnotizing beats that consist of wild percussions and an airy drumming tied together by some captivating bass lines. Upon this rhythmical basement you find a grinding organ scrubbing your senses and a clean wah wah driven guitar that erupts into fuzzed out solos from time to time.

The mid ranged voice comes with a rich tone and nobody would question me if I’d tell him this was a US act. Well, okay, there is a little accent but at least his English is grammatically perfect. In the end it does not matter much for the voice is one instrument that adds a patch of color to the whole picture.

How great to know this Afro Funk classic from the 70s can now be enjoyed by a young audience with an open mind.

Old school funksters, take your chance, this is sheer bliss.

And Yeahhh.. Finally a reissue is available now