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21st Century – 1975 – Ahead Of Our Time

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A kick ass harmony soul record from Chicago!

21st Century were part of a young soul group trend that had come out of the city – and which included bigger stars like The 5 Stairsteps and Brighter Side Of Darkness – but the album really doesn’t focus on their youth so much as it does on their strong vocal harmonies.

Some tracks have kind of a heavy righteous Temptations-ish sound, which the band does well – but the really great cuts are spacey and mellow, which works perfectly for the group’s falsetto vocalizing. 

A1 Tricks Are Made For Kids 3:00
A2 The Way We Were 2:49
A3 Ahead Of Our Time 2:13
A4 Remember The Rain 3:58
A5 Does Your Mama Know About Me? 3:56
B1 Child 3:25
B2 If By Chance 2:43
B3 Mirror, Mirror 2:25
B4 See My Love Growin’ Old 4:15
B5 You’re My Only World 2:55

Liner Notes read: 
“From Chicago, legendary birthplace of the urban blues style which became the sound of the Fifties and Sixties, the 21st Century arrives letting us know how tomorrow sounds today. The children of the Seventies have seen more of civilization and life than any previous generation. A song heard here by the 21st Century describes growing up with “a man on the moon and hippie communes” echoing the frustrations of young people who see themselves being handled a world they did not create; yet all the while their music speaks loudly with the joy of youth. Surrounded since birth by a sophisticated musical tradition, they have learned to sing with intensity and feeling about today and tomorrow. Listen … and welcome to the 21st Century!”