Al Green – 1972 – I’m Still In Love With You

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Al Green was the first great soul singer in the 70’s.

This album definitely sets the standard of what we call today Smooth Soul. Al Green is a timeless testamony of love and happiness. Yes Al we’re still in love with your music.



1 I’m Still in Love with You (3:16)

2 I’m Glad You’re Mine (2:59)

3 Love and Happiness (5:03)

4 What a Wonderful Thing Love Is (3:38)

5 Simply Beautiful (4:15)

6 Oh, Pretty Woman (3:25)

7 For the Good Times (6:32)

8 Look What You Done for Me (3:06)

9 One of These Good Old Days (3:17)


The Reviews



Still in Love with You is a complete album. The type of album that you can play straight through, in order, time after time. Each songs flows into the next creating the sense of a man giving a melodic testimony concerning his innermost feelings about love, life, longing, pain, sadness melancholy and redemption. Not a wasted note, sound or breath is to be found on the entire album.Of all of the instruments used in the making of this album, Al’s voice is the greatest of them. It can be heard best on “Simply Beautiful”. It is simple, controlled and seductive. He purposely teases with a falsetto that’s as light as a feather yet as powerful as a tiger. All within his control at the same time. He sings as if he’s whispering in his lady’s ear – the moans at the end are potent enough to produce babies themselves.You cannot be a music fan or collector of any kind without owning this album. Masterpiece is an understatement. This is what the soul afterlife must be like.



There are few perfect records in the world, but Al Green’s I’M STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU may be one of them. Backed by producer Willie Mitchell’s phenomenal stable of musicians, including drummer Al Jackson and the three Hodges brothers, Green reached deep into his soul to pull out one of the finest recordings of his (and, arguably, anyone else’s) career. The opening title track is classic Green, with staccato punctuation from the Memphis Horns and Jackson’s relaxed, syncopated drum pattern setting the stage for the singer’s luxurious, silk-voiced expressions of devotion. The drums and slinky organ riff that kick off “So Glad You’re Mine” are irresistible, while the inventive chord progression and infectious call and response section help make “Love And Happiness” one of the singer’s finest moments. Continuing his tradition of turning unlikely outside material into gorgeous R&B, Green works his soulful magic on Kris Kristofferson’s ballad “For The Good Times” and Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman.” The high point comes with “Simply Beautiful,” an aptly titled tune that finds Green weaving his ethereal falsetto in and around a hypnotic groove with a grace that justifies his reputation as the king of R&B crooners. In truth, I’M STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU is almost too good to believe. Not incidentally, it set the standard for the next 20-plus years of R&B music.



Al Green’s I’m Still In Love With You, undoubtedly one of all-time favorite albums and more importantly, my so-called “desert island disc”. In other words, if I were forced to spend eternity listening to one album, I would, without hesitation, select Green’s 1972 classic to be my musical companion until the end of days. but what makes I’m Still In Love With You truly great — and the reason why it’d be my desert island disc if I was ever forced to choose one — is that there’s something here for every mood. Green’s cover of “Pretty Woman” draws on the innate funk sunken into Orbison’s original, turning the classic rocker into a slinky, soulful groover. If you’re feeling melancholy, you can sink into the quiet, morose atmosphere of “For the Good Times”. Tap into either “Love and Happiness” or “What a Wonderful Thing Love Is” for the musical equivalent of an opiate dose — an embracing sensation of well being that can’t be shaken. There’s something incredibly affirming about “One of These Good Old Days” — a hopeful quality embedded not just in Green’s vocals, but also in the blend of strings and horns that fuels this mid-tempo burner. And there is nothing more sublime that I’ve experienced than just closing my eyes to “Simply Beautiful” — a title perfectly embodied in the song’s unhurried guitar melody and Green’s relaxed vocals. Most of all, Green never leaves you alone — that intimacy I spoke about before just eases under your skin and is a companion throughout.

You can listen to the album alone but you never feel alone with it.


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  • brotherpete
    Posted at 15:36h, 29 September 2009 Reply

    thanks a lot!!!

  • pedro
    Posted at 01:50h, 13 November 2009 Reply

    well al has finally going to arrive in australia even got my ticket pre booked can,t wait so thanks for this i have got this lp but not the sound quality of which you provide so a big thanks

  • Dave
    Posted at 22:33h, 31 July 2011 Reply

    Thanks for this gem. Much treasured.

  • buckshot_lefonk
    Posted at 14:32h, 14 September 2012 Reply

    “Al Green’s I’m Still In Love With You, undoubtedly one of all-time favorite albums and more importantly, my so-called “desert island disc”.”

    Dude, I love you !

  • TheJazzHoppa
    Posted at 06:12h, 02 July 2013 Reply


  • CreoleBossChe
    Posted at 00:11h, 12 December 2013 Reply

    Really Appreciate This Classic Gem!!

  • nik
    Posted at 01:51h, 06 June 2015 Reply

    downloaded this a little while ago, finally listened straight through today. the review is spot on — gold from beginning to end. thx a bunch!

  • cherri
    Posted at 07:15h, 30 October 2015 Reply

    Thank you. It’s difficult to find these classics in circulation without spending an arm and leg, They need to be put back in circulation. Real music. Appreciate it.

  • KC
    Posted at 04:11h, 09 March 2016 Reply

    my favorite song is how can you mend a broken heart
    i like it!!

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