28 Nov 2016
Letta Mbulu – 1973 – Naturally

What an extraordinary voice Letta Mbulu has and the two openers (especially “Afro Texas“) are thrilling inviters for a quite unknown album and singer. Everything here smells to early/middle 70’s, the loud brass section, the afro-funk and soulful expression, even a tearful ballad (“Saddest Day”...
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02 Oct 2015
Ronnie Laws – 1976 – Fever

An album that’s smoother than some of Ronnie’s earlier work, and perhaps without the same dark edge – but still a nice batch of soulful fusion tunes, with production by Wayne Henderson, in his classic 70s At-Home Productions mode! By that, we mean that a...
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31 Aug 2015
Blacksmoke – 1976 – Blacksmoke

Blacksmoke is a 1970’s music group signed by former Crusaders member-turned-record producer Wayne Henderson for his At-Home Productions. Originally named Smoke, the group was conceived in Compton, California in 1972. They were signed to Chocolate City Records in 1976 and their self-titled album was distributed...
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20 Jul 2015
Allspice ‎- 1977 – Allspice

The only album ever from Allspice – but a hell of an incredible soul record – and one that’s kept the group’s name strong with collectors and rare groove fanatics for years! The album’s on of the best Fantasy Records productions by Wayne Henderson and...
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28 Apr 2019
Jean Carn – 1978 – Happy To Be With You

The songwriting, production, arrangements, and music are perfectly matched to Jean Carn’s passionate singing. Gamble/Huff put the right amount of restraint on the superb musical backing of MFSB so that Ms. Carn’s vocalization is at the forefront. Her interpretation of each song is so believable,...
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