06 Nov 2013
MFSB – 1973 – Love Is The Message

This all-time classic album can (in many ways) be seen as the point from which such disparate and different genres as Disco, Quiet Storm and Smooth Jazz sprang up. While the eternally popular “Love Is The Message” and “T.S.O. P. (The Sound of Philadelphia)” were...
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19 Sep 2018
Maxayn – 1974 – Bail Out for Fun

This was w-a-a-a-a-a-y ahead of its time, even in 1974 the year of its release.  How to describe Maxyn:  Hmmm… Think Sly and the Family, merged into Patti Labelle, with a touch of Chaka Khan and you’d have a slight clue. This funky heady spiritual,...
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