19 Oct 2018
Boscoe – 1973 – Boscoe

By Tim Lukeman This should have been the first of many albums from Boscoe, but it came & went without much notice — mainly because the band had integrity & refused to compromise their music in return for a big record deal, choosing to release...
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28 Aug 2018
Patti Drew – 1967 – Tell Him

Patti Drew, a  homegirl from the Chicago suburbs, on her first solo outing which includes the massive hit “Tell Him“, plus a bunch of other sweet 60s soul cuts. Patti sang classic soul with a gutsy sound that belied her roots in the Chicago independent...
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22 Aug 2018
Fuzzy Haskins ‎- 1976 – A Whole Nother Thang

A Whole Nother Thang is the 1976 debut album by Parliament-Funkadelic vocalist Fuzzy Haskins ‎. The album was released by Westbound Records and features heavy participation from various P-Funk musicians. The album features the track “Cookie Jar“, which was later recorded by the P-Funk spin off act Parlet as well as Prince. It is the first P-Funk...
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