06 Dec 2013
The Choice Four – 1975 – The Choice Four

Rip & Research by Raphy, Main Review by RDTEN1  Posting and additional info’s by Nikos  Like Detroit, Memphis, and Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. had a vibrant 1960s/early-1970s musical scene with more than its share of talented soul outfits.  The difference is that D.C.’s scene wasn’t as well as organized as...
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10 Feb 2020
Billy Paul ‎- 1971 – Going East

After releasing Feelin’ Good At the Cadillac Club on Gamble Records in 1968 and Ebony Woman on Neptune in 1970, Billy Paul signed to a newly formed label in Philadelphia. It had been founded by two songwriters, musicians and producers. The label was Philadelphia International...
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