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FunkMySoul’s only purpose is to spread Soul, Funk, R’& ‘B, Jazz/Funk, Soul/Jazz and related from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, almost exclusively from the original vinyl.

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Our vision is to create a collection of the most important artists and albums of these genres, a musical encyclopaedia if you will.

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We hope that this passion can unify us all in our utmost respect for the purveyors of the music we love so much. Enjoy it and Bless you all Brothers and Sisters.

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Shuggie Otis ‎- 1974 – Inspiration Information

Shuggie Otis ‎ (son of legendary balladeer Johnny) is quite simply a musical genius. Of the first order. A brillant,imagantive one-mand band who ranks up there with Stevie Wonder,Prince,and the late,great Curtis Mayfield. But sadly didn’t. Unfourtnaly, Shuggie never achieved the great feats that those…

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Stephanie Mills – 1979 – What Cha Gonna Do with My Lovin’

When Stephanie Mills enjoyed a major commercial breakthrough with her third album, What Cha Gonna Do with My Lovin’, the singer often found herself being described as a disco diva — and it wasn’t a description that she agreed with. Mills saw herself as primarily a romantic R&B traditionalist,…

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Z.Z. Hill – 1971 – The Brand New Z.Z. Hill

Sounding like the middle ground between Bobby “Blue” Bland and Otis Redding, Z.Z. Hill had only just begun to make an impression on the charts after a few singles for Kent and United Artists when his contract was sold and he found himself recording for…

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The Isley Brothers ‎- 1976 – Harvest For The World

I don’t own every Isley Brother’s albums but this one is really my favorite. It’s great art by all means. This album is just an excellent blend of funk, soul, pop and rock. Just listen to “Harvest For The World” and you’ll feel like you…

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Patti Drew – 1967 – Tell Him

Patti Drew, a  homegirl from the Chicago suburbs, on her first solo outing which includes the massive hit “Tell Him“, plus a bunch of other sweet 60s soul cuts. Patti sang classic soul with a gutsy sound that belied her roots in the Chicago independent…

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Fuzzy Haskins ‎- 1976 – A Whole Nother Thang

A Whole Nother Thang is the 1976 debut album by Parliament-Funkadelic vocalist Fuzzy Haskins ‎. The album was released by Westbound Records and features heavy participation from various P-Funk musicians. The album features the track “Cookie Jar“, which was later recorded by the P-Funk spin off act Parlet as well as Prince. It is the first P-Funk…

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Aretha Franklin – 1971 – Live at the Fillmore West

In the Loving Memory of the Queen 47 years ago today, the Queen of Soul released the second live album of her career, delivering a performance which demonstrated the diversity of her repertoire and the power of her voice…as if the latter was ever in…

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The Five Stairsteps – 1967 – The Five Stairsteps

A landmark album of sweet soul, recorded by this youthful group that included a 13 year old Kenny Burke! The kids were brought together by their parents Clarence and Betty Burke, but it was Curtis Mayfield who really gave them a push – as he…

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Latest Albums

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Otis Clay – 1977 – I Can’t Take It

A great mix of modes – and a set that represents a real turning point in the career of Otis Clay! The rougher edges of Clay’s Chicago soul are warmed up here substantially by producer Willie Mitchell – bubbling up some Memphis soul for Otis,…

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Maxayn – 1974 – Bail Out for Fun

This was w-a-a-a-a-a-y ahead of its time, even in 1974 the year of its release.  How to describe Maxyn:  Hmmm… Think Sly and the Family, merged into Patti Labelle, with a touch of Chaka Khan and you’d have a slight clue. This funky heady spiritual,…

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Spiders Webb – 1976 – I Don’t Know What’s On Your Mind

A real treasure from the Cali scene of the 70s – the one and only album from drummer Spider Webb – and a wicked batch of bass-heavy grooves throughout! Spider’s drums are definitely great, and his offbeat vocals are completely charming, too – but the…

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Bob James – 1975 – Two

A monster – and quite possibly one of the greatest Fender Rhodes albums of all time! Bob James is really at the height of his powers here – stepping out with a sound that’s a lot smoother than some of his earlier work, yet in…

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Bottom & Co. ‎- 1976 – Rock Bottom

Such a great little album full of funk and soul gems. In particular the funky “Do you wanna do a thing” and my fave the fab soul/funk “You can belong to me (if you let me love you)” a real treat for the ears that…

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Jeanette Jones – Dreams All Come True

Jeanette Jones is one of soul’s great enigmas. She’s revered by a coterie of deep soul buffs even though little is known about her (no one’s even sure if she’s still alive). Equally she was never prolific as a recording artist. There are maybe a…

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Harvey Mason – 1977 – Funk In A Mason Jar

Smooth soulful jazz from Harvey Mason – one of his strong 70s winners for the Arista album, and a record that really brings a new level of class to his sound! There’s less of the grit in the grooves than you might expect from the…

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Susan Phillips – 1971 – Soft Sexy Soul

One of the most elusive Soul LP’s of all time, a truly Holy Grail album. Few copies have ever surfaced, it is so rare that many collectors doubt if it was ever released. Recorded for Sylvia Robinson’s All Platinum label 1971, pressed in small quantities.The…

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