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FunkMySoul’s only purpose is to spread Soul, Funk, R’& ‘B, Jazz/Funk, Soul/Jazz and related from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, almost exclusively from the original vinyl.

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Our vision is to create a collection of the most important artists and albums of these genres, a musical encyclopaedia if you will.

Our Passion

We hope that this passion can unify us all in our utmost respect for the purveyors of the music we love so much. Enjoy it and Bless you all Brothers and Sisters.

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Black Ivory – 1972 – Don’t Turn Around

Epic harmony soul by this excellent sweet soul group! Black Ivory were just kids when they recorded this session – but they had a sophistication that pushed them way past any of their contemporaries on the east coast scene. The band are very lucky to…

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Terry Callier – 1972 – What Color Is Love

Terry Callier’s What Color Is Love is an essential Soul Jazz album that should belong in anyone’s record collection. Produced by Charles Stepney, whose work with Cadet / Chess records, Rotary Connection and Earth, Wind & Fire earned him popular acclaim. Filled with Funk, Rock, Folk,…

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Willie Tee – 1970 – I’m Only A Man

One of the only albums ever from Willie Tee – an artist who’s usually known best for his funky 45s, but who really shines here in the space of a full-length record! Willie’s got a killer vocal style, with a warm raspy style that reminds…

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Alton Ellis – 1979 – Love To Share

Review by Fat City Vinyl & Music Blog Blessed with one of the most expressive and recognizable voices in Jamaican music, Alton Ellis (1938-2008) is one of the legends of reggae though in fact his career began at the very dawn of the Jamaican recording industry…

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The Black Hippies – 1977 – The Black Hippies

Blazing solos, upbeat drums and sweet organs will guide you on this Nigerian funk odyssey. This underappreciated 1977 record by the Black Hippies can make its much-deserved way into your living room. A long lost gem from the treasury of West-African 70s funk, that will…

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Donald Byrd – 1975 – Stepping Into Tomorrow

Donald Byrd released a series of 5 magnificent albums in Blue Note, between 1973 and 1976 (Black Byrd, Street Lady, Stepping Into Tomorrow, Places and Spaces, Caricatures), under the high artistic supervision of Mizzell brothers. “Stepping Into Tomorrow” stands as the flagship right in the…

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Barbara Mason – 1968 – Oh How It Hurts

Barbara Mason’s second and final LP for Arctic Records was released three years after her first. The Arctic label released 60 records before folding; 14 were Mason releases. Jimmy Bishop, a Philadelphia DJ, owned the label and included “Yes, I’m Ready” on this collection to…

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Joe Thomas ‎– 1971 ‎– Is The Ebony Godfather

The greatest album ever recorded by Joe Thomas – and a hip batch of funky flute tracks that ranks with the best work of Jeremy Steig or SOUL! Joe’s blowing here with arrangements by Chico O’Farrill – strangely off-beat backings that add in more than…

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Latest Albums

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Roy C. – 1973 – Sex And Soul

The first in a trio of Roy C. albums released by Mercury in the mid 1970s. Sex And Soul is a brilliant, often underappreciated, collection of the purest of southern soul music. Hammond’s great songwriting skills and timeless arrangements combine to form an album that…

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Roberta Kelly – 1976 – Trouble Maker

Roberta Kelly was one of many U.S. vocalists who found success recording with cutting-edge producers in Germany during the early and mid-’70s. After singing on Silver Convention’s “Fly Robin Fly“, the singer was signed to Giorgio Moroder‘s Oasis Records. Recorded with Moroder and Pete Bellotte,…

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Jerry Butler – 1971 – Sings Assorted Sounds – With The Aid Of Assorted Friends & Relatives

One of the albums in which Jerry Butler showcases the talents of a new generation of young Chicago soul talents – including Terry Callier, Donny Hathaway, Chuck Jackson (from The Independents, not the New York soul star), and his brother Billy Butler. Billy Butler had already…

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Tasha Thomas – 1979 – Midnight Rendezvous

A lasting classic from singer Tasha Thomas – a vocalist who’d already lent her talents to numerous studio sessions, commercials, and disco tracks by the time of this release – which has the lady stepping into the spotlight as a fully-formed talent in her own…

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Hidden Strength ‎- 1975 – Hidden Strength

A killer bit of funky soul from Hidden Strength — an uptempo 70s group with a very tight groove! The group are clearly in the mode of Earth Wind & Fire — extremely proficient instrumentally, grooving together in a righteous style that has plenty of…

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Bloodstone – 1973 – Natural High

Seminal work from Bloodstone, an album that may be the group’s best-remembered effort, and for good reason too! The album sets a whole new standard for harmony soul in the 70s,  one that’s tighter than some of the east coast groups, yet never too slick…

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The O’Jays – 1968 – Back On Top

Although The O’Jays Philly International recordings are always touted as some of their best work, we love this early material produced by George Kerr – with a sound that’s very similar to classic New Jersey groups like The Moments and The Whatnauts (and which also…

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Three Ounces Of Love – 1978 – Three Ounces Of Love

Three Ounces Of Love is an out of print Motown diamond of the late 70’s. Never released on CD. I would say most of the tracks are outstanding and mixed the classic Motown sound with late 70s disco. The title track may have been a…

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(Thursday, Jun 22. 2017 12:51 AM)
(Thursday, Jun 22. 2017 06:06 PM)
There was a Freddy Hughes CD released in 2011 called “The Lost Soul of Freddy Briggs.” It was on the U.K. Outta Site label.
Would any one be willing to share a copy? Thanks for your help.
(Thursday, Jun 22. 2017 07:45 PM)
Anothers requests : Fifth Avenue ‎– Miracles 1981
The Krush ‎– Never Felt So Right 1982
Thanks so much
[no sender]
(Friday, Jun 23. 2017 04:53 AM)
@BILLY BEE – here is “The Krush” 1982.
Btw, like their sound. Do you have the other two albums??
(Friday, Jun 23. 2017 10:39 AM)
Requests for the weekend: The Magic Of The Majestic Arrows, Isaac Hayes – Joy, Coldwater Stone ‎– Defrost Me & Atlantic Starr – Yours Forever

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