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FunkMySoul’s only purpose is to spread Soul, Funk, R’& ‘B, Jazz/Funk, Soul/Jazz and related from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, almost exclusively from the original vinyl.

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Our vision is to create a collection of the most important artists and albums of these genres, a musical encyclopaedia if you will.

Our Passion

We hope that this passion can unify us all in our utmost respect for the purveyors of the music we love so much. Enjoy it and Bless you all Brothers and Sisters.

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Gloria Gaynor ‎- 1975 – Never Can Say Goodbye

The start of a very successful run for Gloria Gaynor – a seminal bit of crossover 70s soul – one that perfectly linked the dancefloor with the airwaves, and managed to take on more than a few living rooms as well! Gloria’s not entirely in…

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Roy Ayers – 1976 – Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Superfly kickass record that starts off with the dynamite disco groove of ‘Hey Uh What you say come on‘ and that’s it I’m sold…I’ve seen the f**kin light at that point and from that moment forward every track is a total joy. All that deep,…

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The Northern Soul Top 500 Songs

This May celebrating the 10th year anniversary of FunkMySoul, we offer you : The Northern Soul Top 500 songs from the book written by Kev Roberts, published by Goldmine/Soul Supply Ltd in 2000. “Born in the ultra-cool Mod clubs of the late-sixties with names like The Blue Orchid, King…

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Shirley Nanette ‎- 1973 – Never Coming Back

In the early seventies, Hank Swarn and Shirley Nanette collaborated on a project called ”Never Coming Back”. Swarn had been on the road for five years, lending his guitar-backing talent to Earl Grant and his band. While on tour, he wrote some tunes that were…

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Terence Trent D’arby – 1987 – Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D’arby

One of the greatest records of the 80’s, an album that did so much for me, offered so much to me, an album that I still play, that still sounds great. It mixed soul and funk with the pop sound of the day. It offered up…

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The Supremes – 1964 – Where Did Our Love Go

Ladies & Gentlemen: The Supremes have arrived! A transitional album, as this combines some of their earlier minor hits like ‘Run, Run, Run‘ and ‘A Breath Taking Guy‘, alongside their Top 40 breakthrough ‘When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes‘ and their trio of…

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Chic – ‎1978 – C’est Chic

A bright, shining example of what mass-produced, intelligent dance music should be. This is one of the top 5 disco albums and a pinnacle from the best band since the big band era. It exploded with confidence and talent to spare onto an unsuspecting audience…

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The Controllers – 1979 – Next In Line

The Controllers made some bad bad slow jams. In fact when I start a Slow Jam Hall Of Fame they’ll be in it. They sing from the heart, emotive, deep soul. I remember when I bought their first album back in 77, Somebody’s Gotta Win…

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Latest Albums

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Richard Paradise ‎- 197? – In Paradise

Monster rare Modern Soul on Solid Gold Another rarity, a superb Soul Funk LP, a sought after piece by collectors check prices here A killer selecta soul boogie disco funk with hidden treasures, featuring the amazing full length version of the ‘Patterson twins’ c/u Let…

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The Moments – 1971 – On Top

The Moments’ On Top is another winner for sure. Again, there is very little, if any, cover material to the best of my knowledge, for Robinson, and even the Moments again writing the material. “Lucky Me” is a sweet winner with an upbeat, positive tone….

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Funk Inc. ‎- 1971 – Funk Inc.

A killer instrumental album of hard organ grooves and funky basslines! This was the album that broke Funk Inc out of their Indianapolis scene, and made them a force to be forever reckoned with in the history of funky jazz. The album grooves hard in…

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The Artistics – 1969 – What Happened

Six slammin’ Artistics sides and four standards “artistically” sung make for some enjoyable listening. The Chi-Lites’ “Price of Love” is sung in Marvin Smith’s natural voice, distinguishing it from the original falsetto version. Gary Jackson’s “Yesterday’s Girl” remains one of their more enduring recordings. The…

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Geoffrey Stoner – 1973 – Watch Out

A very rare, overlooked 1973 LP, fet. Philip Upchurch on guitar,  includes the superb ‘Bend Your Head‘,  killer tune with attitude! Never released on CD. G.Stoner is a singer/songwriter who (with the help of some excellent musicians) gives most of his tracks a soul/funk/r&b-treatment, sometimes with…

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Bill Fredericks ‎- 1977 – Love With You

A rare 1977 smooth soul album covering 12 of the Bee Gees’ hits, arranged and conducted by John Cameron. Including a stunning cover version of  “To Love Somebody” and the wonderful smooth “Charade“.  Bill Fredericks was one of the many featured vocalists with the Drifters. While…

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Little Anthony & The Imperials – 1973 – On a New Street

Wonderful work from Little Anthony, a great update to his smooth 60s harmony sound with The Imperials! Anthony wisely employs the use of two of 70s top harmony arrangers on the album, using Thom Bell on one side, and Teddy Randazzo on the other, both…

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Fantastic Four ‎- 1971 – The Lost Motown Album

Motown lovers/aficionados will be licking their lips in glee on this one – and with damn good reason. Supposed to have been issued on the Motown subsidiary label Soul SS-722 in early 1971 – the vinyl album “How Sweet He Is” by THE FANTASTIC FOUR…

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Mr. Moo
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For Nikos – Thanks Nikos. You shared two of the same links, and I’m still missing Saturday Night Special + You Are My Starship in full 320. Thank you!
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For Ben – Sorry this is the other one http://ul.to/woj2u786
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(Saturday, May 26. 2018 12:10 PM)
Excellent Nikos, thank you!
(Saturday, May 26. 2018 12:12 PM)
3 more requests in 320 for this weekend: Heatwave ‎– Too Hot To Handle + Con Funk Shun ‎– Organized Con Funk Shun & Secrets

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