The Swiss Movement – 1973 – It’s Time For The Swiss Movement

The only album we’ve ever seen from the Swiss Movement, but a great group soul effort that’s a real 70s standout on RCA! The quartet get some really top-shelf help from David Van DePitte on arrangements — and he brings in almost a Van McCoy sort of spirit to the set — that great maestro update of east coast group soul sounds, taking them past the rougher edges of the indie scene, but always without dampening their soul! The group have New Orleans roots, and ended up in Detroit – but to our ears, this set sparkles with the best east coast material of the time – particularly that of groups coming from New York.

This is a fine @320 vinyl rip of the original RCA records LP including covers.

A1.Take A Chance On A Sure Thing 3.17
A2. Take Me Back Again 2.52
A3. Bring Back Your Love 2.47
A4. If You Need Me 2.49
A5. Come Around Here 2.43
A6. Keep On Loving You 3.26
B1.This Moment(I Just Wanted Last Forever) 3.30
B2. If You Need Somebody To Love 3.14
B3. Come On Sunday 4.38
B4. The Grass Is Greener 3.15
B5. Take Some Time 3.57

Review by Groovy Emmanuel

It’s New Orleans brothers and sisters, the great New Orleans legacy in rhythm and blues! Not maybe the great New Orleans funk legacy at first sight, but a vibrant, swinging vocal group singing their very hearts out!

Leave the funk roots out of this, but alas that’s not true no matter how hard you try to do this, because The Swiss Movement were actually the singing group of another great funk band of New Orleans, the Louisiana Purchase…

Yes, it’s an everlasting story about the New Orleans music community of the seventies, a very tight unit that is vast enough to explore to its entity.

But let’s focus on the awesome 1973 album of The Swiss Movement for the time being. It was released under RCA by the title “It’s Time For The Swiss Movement”, and the members were Ronald “Green Apples” Williams, Herbert “Super Chicken” Clifton, Johnny Hodges, and Arthur Booker.

It all started in uptown New Orleans, in one of the original members of Louisiana Purchase living room. Uptown New Orleans was and still is a neighborhood filled with great music, let us remember the Neville family, the Modeliste family, the Meters, the Lasties … just to name a few.

They played the local clubs with great success and in 1970 they left the warmth south and moved to the cold north in Detroit, where they began touring with The Temptations for about 4 years, and thus they developed a beautiful bond with the Tempt’s own Otis Williams and Melvin Franklin. In fact, Otis and Melvin were so impressed with the talents of The Swiss Movement’s vocalists, that they signed them to their D.O. Productions group, helping them secure the contract with RCA Victor. Here they recorded four singles between 1971 and 1973 and this wonderful album that compiles all the eight sides of the singles! Their 1973 album is packed with wonderful and original material that ranges from great ballads to some special midtempo songs, under the strong and tremendously soulful arrangements of David Van De Pitte. What more to expect!

I can continue like this for hours, but listen for yourselves brothers, it’s a magnificent journey wandering through the tracks of this album. Let us all just show our deepest love to Ronald “Green Apples” Williams, Herbert “Super Chicken” Clifton, Johnny Hodges, Arthur Booker and their families, and give them our biggest thanks for their wonderful and eternal music. I hear that most of them have moved after Katrina, and some are still living in New Orleans playing the music they love. Music is the one that is keeping us together, and always remember that the grass is surely greener whenever you feel the music…


There’s a Japanese Import Compact Disc from $79.99, Part of the “Soul Hidden Gems” Series released by BMG Japan here.

Dusty Groovealso has a CD copy for $26.99. Finally get your hands on the precious vinyl from Groove Collector or ebay.

Enjoy one of my favorite tracks of the last few months. The killer “The Grass Is Greener” which i almost daily listen since i ripped Groovy Emmanuel’s vinyl.

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  1. rich says:

    great post nikos what a wonderful treat for us

  2. JTF says:

    well, funk my soul!

  3. Redddox says:

    superb album indeed, thanks for a great choice

  4. k02 says:

    Now this is what im talkin bout.Thanks guys

  5. The Basement says:

    this is real music right here. every song needs some oooohs and ahhhhs. i loved this lp and mine broke so thanks a million nikos. i was about to cop a new one for $70 on ebay and i saw this in your coming soon widget. thanks alot. my appreciation cannot be described in words. this is pure awesomeness on wax. peace.

  6. John says:

    Great, love that track, thanks!

  7. Anonymous says:

    great up nikos another great band which didn’t make it big such a lot of talent no eltro in site thank god thanks for this one

  8. jaguar says:

    Great, rare LP.

    Many thanks.

  9. Daidodread says:

    Great! you make my week thank you !!!

  10. Fever says:

    Hey Nick,

    I haven’t been on here for a minute but thanks for this rare gem!
    Groovy Emmanuel’s write up is great!

    Much props:)

  11. Cederash says:

    Захватывающе. Зачет! и ниипет!

  12. Ferinannnd says:

    Захватывающе. Зачет! и ниипет!

  13. invisiblenigma says:

    This One is Fire!! Much Thanks!!

  14. Donny says:

    Excellent album. Thanx guys. The best blog around.

  15. rodney says:

    In the love of GREAT
    black music… Thank you.

  16. Son says:

    Incredible quality of an album! Groovy and nikos congrats!

  17. sarah says:

    awesome! i hope i can do as well a job as you have with my new funk blog, Just starting out now, so check in from time to time and give me some advice! i just love funk music also and want to share it both with people who’ve never heard and with people who want to keep listening!

  18. George says:

    Thank you for sharing the gems.

  19. carlos says:

    You keep killing me with your songs ;-D
    Thank you for your efforts

  20. hooch says:

    Thanks Nikos – Great LP!

  21. Martin says:

    Much thanks for this really nice post! Please keep on giving us the best rare/forgotten soul/funk albums! Peace :)

  22. zulu says:

    dope!! thx

  23. jASON says:

    This is one of those albums that I’ve been trying to get forever but it’s always way to beat up. Finally I get to listen to it the proper way. Thanks!!!

  24. whoknows says:

    thanks nikos! can’t wait to hear this rare gem!

  25. Trakbuv says:

    ‘Grass is greener’ – thank goodness that was the penultimate track coz I would never have got past it for at least another couple of weeks – WHAT A TRACK !!! Putting that track aside for one split second, this is a what I consider a wholesome soul gem – a range of faultless leads, a range of classy, lush arrangements, and tuneful material all lovingly wrapped up with due care and attention. Beautiful music with a hint of the Temptations and Chi-Lites which is high praise indeed. Other cracking tracks for me are ‘Take a chance’, ‘Come on Sunday’ and ‘Take me again’, but this is best appreciated as a whole.

    Thank you Groovy for opening the door to something totally fresh to me – please leave it on the latch in hope for more. Wonderful.

  26. Trakbuv says:

    And talking of lovingly wrapped with due care and attention – great review again Groovy. Well done.

  27. phatrapper says:

    Many thanks Nikos!

  28. dan says:

    Thank you very much for lettin me download this beutyful deep feelings which i am about to share with my woman ,all the best and love

  29. kharidah says:

    Зачёт! Класный пост!

  30. Geewiz says:


  31. Brenda in Canada says:

    I am married to one of the singers on this album,HERBERT ,AKA “SUPER CHICKEN CLIFTON . It was just like old times listening to it,, All of the living ‘Swiss Movement” memembers still keep in touch with each other and are all involved in writing or pro ducing great music. We live in Mississauga Canada. Thanks for the Memories

  32. Keith says:

    Where can I purchase this album, cassette, or CD?

  33. mounir says:

    beautiful lp thanks a lot for extraordinary complete blog, mounir from paris

  34. Dave says:

    Thanks for this fantastic album

  35. Emile Poree says:

    Have moved to Shreveport since Katrina floods. Loss all of my tapes, videos, and records of our performances. Would love to hear the guys again. I played trumpet with the Swiss Movement and MC’d the shows also. I f you have records or tapes please contact me.

  36. Paul J says:

    I use to live in New Orleans and grew up with Herbert “Super Chicken” Clifton. He could really sing.
    I am glad to know that he is doing well in Canada.
    Growing up on Lyons street, I was close to the guys in this group as well as the Neville brothers.

    Emile, remember the Orbiteers days with Warner Williams where Herbert also used his singing talents.

  37. Sev says:

    wow, thanks for this!

  38. Stone Cold Love affair – Great Track, Beautiful blog!

  39. Eddie says:

    Thanks for great music!!

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