The Staple Singers & Curtis Mayfield -1975 – Let’s Do It Again

Rare 1975 original soundtrack LP with music for the comedy film composed by the legendary Curtis Mayfield (leader of the group Impressions). The Staple Singers perform the the vocals! Film starred Sidney Poitier, Jimmy Walker, Bill Cosby, with Sidney Poitier as the director.

As Stax neared bankruptcy, the Staples signed with Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom label for this soundtrack album. The title track was a number-one hit and “New Orleans” reached number 70, returning the Staples to the upper echelons of the charts for the last time.

Produced & written by Curtis Mayfield, this is smooth, soulful and funky.

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the original Curtom record including covers.

A1Let’s Do It Again 4:53
A2 Funky Love 4:50
A3 A Whole Lot Of Love 3:53
A4 New Orleans 4:26
B1 I Want To Thank You 5:22
B2 Big Mac 6:05
B3 After Sex 6:45
B4 Chase 4:15

The Reviews


Probably the best record the Staple Singers ever cut during the 70s as it makes a genius move by taking their rich vocal style and laying it over some excellent tracks written by Curtis Mayfield! The record’s quite different than their usual Stax numbers, and has a Curtom groove that’s hip and funky in the best parts , arranged by Gil Askey and Rich Tufo in the same manner as Curtis’ work from the time. Includes the hit title cut “Let’s Do It Again”, plus other nice ones like “After Sex”, “Chase”, “Big Mac”, and “Funky Love”.


The longer album version of the title track “Let’s Do It Again” is worth the price alone. Two killer instrumental tracks, the smooth “After Sex” and the up tempo “Chase” round out an incredible set of Staple Singers vocals and Curtis Mayfield production.
The Staple Singers are very impressive especially on the title track. Pure soul, very inspired vocals. The soundtrack is an excellent addition to any music collection; especially of the 1970’s era.

Biography of The Staples Singers

Read about the movie

Listen Staple Singers do it again!

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  1. cafecafecafe says:

    Thanks Nikos for this one. I love the title let’s do it again.

  2. soul is the music says:

    I have a few of The Staples Singers records and a lot of King Curtis. I remember the single but this is a chance to get the whole album. Thanx.

  3. Donovan says:

    another classic. So grateful nick.

  4. manny says:

    Hey thanks for posting, I’ve never heard this before

  5. Sam says:

    Mayfield in top form. A wonderful piece of soul music.

  6. invisiblenigma says:

    Thanks Nikos! I thought I already had this one. The cover Looks So familiar. Much Appreciated!

  7. andre says:

    i thought i had this one, i guess not, thank u

  8. SadJake says:

    thanks for all your posts! Your selection is fantastic, congratulations for the blog !

  9. Groovy Emmanuel says:

    Big collaborations between great artists bring big failures sometimes, but not this time. To many this the finest 70’s album by the Staples fam, far away from their early gospel origins, and still not so close to their fruitful Stax secular period. Yeah, this time it’s Curtis baby and it’s a full of great tracks album balancing good between some very soulful tunes and some blaxploitation feel of that era. The three closing tracks are telling this better than words, and one of these is playing sweet little games with “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”.

  10. Fin says:

    A must have. Groovy Emmanuel explains everything perfectly!

  11. DJ Hook says:

    I love this blog! it’s pure education!

  12. Marcus says:

    This is really a great album, and I’ve always loved “Let’s Do It Again.”

  13. Numba says:

    Pure classic ! Thanks a lot !!!

  14. UMA says:

    Thanks nikos, I haven’t heard that tune in years! It’s classic.

  15. Nikko says:

    Thanks – I love the song “Let’s Do It Again” and was really looking forward to the album. There’s nothing on it as good as that one song, but it is a real pleasure nonetheless.

  16. MsMerising says:

    Ah, the memories…Mavis is definately a favorite. Big up!

  17. St Johnny says:

    Love and respect brother. Thanks for the gem and the quality rip. “Let’s do it again” killer track. My mom had the 45 back in 70’s.

  18. beats2go says:

    thx alot great album

  19. G.P. says:

    Thank you. Missed this one.

  20. Noa says:

    Thanks for this great LP. Respect.

  21. musicmeiho says:

    Great post! Thank you

  22. whatdoyousay says:

    Classic! Sweet music!

  23. Gea says:

    I adore Curtis! this one is soooooooo good.

  24. Lester says:

    you can’t go wrong with Curtis baby. I also love the vocals quality of Staples family.

  25. Doctor Okeh says:

    got this one already , but it’s a must have as well as the film, got it on DVD too :-) !!!

  26. B.D. says:

    Okay y’all, it’s Curtis Mayfield and the Staple Singer!!!! Nuff said, thanks for the post!!

  27. whoknows says:

    Much thanks, aint noone like curtis! Peace from Boston!

  28. Kyle says:

    Hey guys, big thanks for this blog, its amazing, you guys rock. Just letting you guys know, the link has been removed from rapidshare for this one, it’d be cool if you could make another link…definitely dont wanna miss this one…thx guys

  29. nikos1109 says:

    there’s a new link. enjoy.

  30. Chris says:

    Staples + Mayfield = timeless music!!! Thanks for this one. Peace

  31. DiskoTone says:

    Thanks again for the post! That is a classic album and movie!!!! That’s where Biggie Smalls got his stage name from.!!!

  32. Mr sam says:

    Another beautiful album. Thanks so much bro

  33. moggy says:

    i will have to buy a staples singers/ mavis comp cd.


  34. Dan says:

    Big thanks for this fantastic album.

  35. Ram says:

    Thanks again! This album is wicked :)

    Whilst I send you thanks I find it rather worrying your blog seems to have got me rather addicted to the more laid back end of things! Oh well, I suppose another musical addiction can’t be thaaaat bad.

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