The Persuaders – 1973 – Thin Line Between Love and Hate (plus bonus albums)

This Sweet is hell as Classic.

A landmark album one of the greatest harmony soul albums of the early 70s! The title cut is one you’ll know instantly as “Thin Line Between Love & Hate” is one of those soul classics that never gets old and the rest of the album’s equally great, with a sublime mix of rough and sweet that the group was never able to duplicate again. The sound is incredible with arrangements by Richard Poindexter, and backings by the group Young Gifted & Bad, who often use a bit of vibes behind the vocals, which makes for a really cool sound! (Dusty Groove).

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the original Win Or Lose Records LP including covers.

A1 Thin Line Between Love And Hate (3:16)
A2 Let’s Get Down Together (3:48)
A3 Blood Brothers (3:27)
A4 You Musta Put Something In Your Love (2:42)
A5 Thanks For Loving Me (3:50)
B1 Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out) (3:20)
B2 If This Is What You Call Love (I Don’t Want No Part Of It) (3:44)
B3 Mr. Sunshine (3:39)
B4 Thigh Spy (2:45)
B5 Can’t Go No Further And Do No Better (3:35)

Arranged By – Richard Poindexter Arranged By [Strings] – Arif Mardin
Producer – The Poindexter Brothers

Thin Line Between Love And Hate was released on the Atlantic subsidiary Win Or Lose Records. The title track was a huge hit for the group and can still be heard on oldies stations today. The song starts off with a distinctive piano line before the group vocals come in on the chorus. Lead singer Douglas Scott then warns men not to abuse their women’s love before they turn nasty. It’s a classic. The rest of the album is surprisingly good for this New York City group. With the rhythm section called Young, Gifted And Bad how could they go wrong anyway? Blood Brothers is another catchy slow Soul tune. In comparison, You Musta Put Something In Your Love is fast paced and hard driving with a bit of Funk in the mix. Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out) was the follow-up single to Thin Line and was another big hit for the group.

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The persuaders-front

The Persuaders – 1973 – The Persuaders

The second album by the great vocal group who gave the world “Thin Line Between Love and Hate”. This album’s got the same feel as the first, and most of the tracks are written by bandmember Bobby Poindexter but the vocals are a bit warmer overall not as fragile or broken around the edges, as if the group was emerging with a bit more mature confidence. The whole thing’s still pretty great, though and has a really personal, up-close feel that some of the group’s later work didn’t have(Dusty Groove).

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the original Atco Records LP including covers.

A1 Peace In The Valley Of Love (3:51)
A2 Please Stay (3:40)
A3 If You Feel Like I Do (6:05)
A4 Trying Girls Out (4:07)
A5 Is It Too Heavy For You? (2:44)
B1 Bad Bold And Beautiful Girl (4:10)
B2 What Is The Definition Of Love? (2:47)
B3 Love Goes Good When Things Go Bad (2:41)
B4 I Want To Make It With You (4:35)
B5 You Still Love Me (After All You’ve Been Through) (5:25)

While the Persuaders second LP doesn’t contain any thing as cold-blooded as “Thin Line Between Love And Hate,” or the magnitude of the syncopated “Loves Gonna Pack Up,” it’s a more even affair than their debut. “Peace In The Valley Of Love” gets under your skin, you appreciate it, the more you hear the soothing, floater. “Bad, Bold And Beautiful Girl,” is the complete opposite, it’s boisterous, with a noisy sounding track, and some of the hokiest bass singing since the 50’s. The dreamy “What Is The Definition Of Love,” understated beauty is a quiet storm, Smokey Douglas, shows he can handle the subtle leads, as well as the in your face sagas. “You Still Love Me (After All You’ve Been Through)” packs a New York wallop, the theatrical drama comes complete with a man to woman rap, and as-if-somebody-died backing vocals by the Persuaders. Smokey recites a laundry list of ordeals that he’s put his woman through and sounds surprise when he sings You Still Love Me, You Still Love Me, After All, You’ve Been Through. (Andrew Hamilton, AMG)

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The Persuaders – 1973 – Best Thing Ever Ever Happened To Me

This excellent contribution sent by our friend Raphy from Jamaica who explains :

“There were other hits from this Album that major big in the Caribbean especially Jamaica, for example, “All Strung Out On You.” Up to this date this song is a main staple on radio & in the Dance Halls. There Cover of the Gladys Knight’s Monster Hit “Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” is probably the most heart felt version to date…Actually, this is the Original version folks, Gladys Knight & The Pips Did the Cover…….Now That’s some revelation!!!

In Summary, this is a Master Blaster of an Album, a great addition to your collection; simply, A MUST HAVE!


Their third album, and a bit more Philly than the first two, but still with some great east coast harmony soul. Recorded at Sigma Sound, with arrangements by Tony (not Thom) Bell, and the cuts “Some Guys Have All The Luck”, “Hold On (Just A Little Bit Longer)”, “All Strung Out On You”, “Stay With Me”, “That’s The Way She Is”, and “We’re Just Trying To Make It”. Phil Hurtt wrote a number of the tracks, too and the album has a nice indie harmony sound (Dusty Groove).

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Now, go buy Persuaders’ cd’s here and a few vinyl copies here.

Listen up the amazing “Thin Line Between Love and Hate”

Enjoy this wonderful group and tell us your opinion about the albums, the pot or anything you like on the comments section. Peace!

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    Excellent bits and pieces on both vocal and instrumental fields that fit perfectly together, something that was the trade mark of the east coast harmony soul groups in the early 70’s. And all these under the great skills of the Poindexter Bros, who produced the majority of their tracks that were mostly originals, later covered by other equal good soul groups. One of the best things that ever happened to us!

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  48. 1971 would not have been the same without “Thin Line Between Love And Hate”. Every time I play this song (which I often do) I become 17 again and those sweet days flash by. There best song ever.

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    I made a mistake in my review…”You’re the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me” was a Jim Weatherly Original… He did it in 1972…..Ray Price made it popular in 1973…Albeit in the country genre. The persuaders did their cover some months before the famed Gladys Knight & The pips…

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