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The one and only album released by this great Chicago vocal group  a sublime harmony outfit who’d recorded some excellent indie 45s before getting the chance to do this one-off set for Curtis Mayfield’s Gemigo label! The style of the set is a bit more polished than some of the group’s earlier work  and has them stepping out strongly with help from Chicago studio talents that include Rich Tufo, Tom Washington, and Richard Evans  all of whom help the group bounce along in a really lively style that’s very much in the spirit of the second wave of Chicago group soul of the 70s.

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the original Gemino Records LP including covers.

A1   It’s All Right (This Feeling) (2:54)
A2   Take It Slow (4:10)
A3   Bills Breakup Homes (2:57)
A4   Make Me Twice The Man (3:41)
A5   There I Go (2:29)
B1  Since You’ve Been Gone (3:24)
B2   It Only Hurts For A Little While (3:52)
B3   I’m Losing (3:20)
B4   Make Believin (3:03)
B5   Think Before You Stop (3:16)

1. I’m Still Here (3.59)
2. Superpeople (3.55)
3. The Chopper (2.48)

This album from the legendary Notations was another rare album that had a king’s ransome placed on it by record dealers and collectors alike.

Originally released by Curtom records in 1975, this album has all the hallmarks of a ’70s classic. The Notations album is served up very much in a classic ’70s mould with a lot of ingredients: Leroy Hutson is certainly one flavour.

Check out the collectors’ favourite, Take It Slow, and hear what I mean. These guys have an excellent sweet soul harmony and are supported by some lovely tunes, crisp horns and swirling strings. The mood, in places, is very ‘Philly’ too – a play on Thom Bell and the Mighty Three production is echoed on the timeless Make Me Twice The Man. This is the sort of track that really hits the spot and makes you feel so, so good. There I Go and the foot-tapper, Since You’ve Been Gone are of a similar vein and I feel that they had some influence by the Spinners, surely.

You can buy the vinyl here or here and listen Make Me Twice The Man”

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  1. DaJinn says:

    Great site and great work. I’ve been after this Notations album for quite a while. Thanx. If you have time visit my blog. It’s all about compilation alums that never were and has some very rare soul indeed.

  2. catacaldos says:


  3. Grand Puba says:

    Great Blog!!!
    My favorite song from The Notations is Superpeople, which was released on 45. The reissue of the LP got this great song as a bonus. You have to check it out: Superpeople, flying higher than high…
    Peace out

  4. ahawk says:

    Thank you nikos.

  5. hooch says:

    many thanks Nikos

    Link to Notations – Superpeople!

  6. Chris says:

    Great job!!! Anything remotely related to Curtis Mayfield gets “thumbs up” from me. Thanks.

  7. Elias says:

    Thank you very much for share it Nikos! It is one of the best that I heard and congratulations to show to many selfish persons around the world that the most important value is in the knowledge that some people – like – you have about good music and not in the records. Like you I want to keep the soul funk and R&B alive forever and I think that we have to teach the new generations what good music really is. Sorry for my bad english ok ? Greetings from Brazil. Elias.

  8. invisiblenigma says:

    Much thanks Nikos for The Notations LP + the bonus tracks!!

  9. Chad Young says:

    Thanks Alot!!

  10. jahcisco says:

    thank you.

  11. Saucey says:

    Very nice post

  12. pedro says:

    thanks for this only heard a couple of tracks on a curtom va cd great blog

  13. rich says:

    nikos what a wonderful album never heard of these guys but what a good soulful song u displayed on yuotube cant wait to hear the album.

  14. 92bpms says:

    Thank you so much for this. What a great bunch or great tunes. Sharing this is the greatest of gifts.

  15. jered says:

    is it just me…or is this link broken?

  16. manny says:

    thanks for posting

  17. Chris-T says:

    Nuff thanks for this one

  18. Fame says:

    Best wishes for your name day Nikos! Keep on with this wonderful site.

  19. StarGuy says:

    Great soul album… many thanks for sharing it nikos! =)

  20. phatrapper says:

    Thanks Nikos! They don’t make music or suits like that antmore!!

  21. Terry says:

    Thank you. sweet soul lp.

  22. Richard says:

    This group is top notch! Thanx once again.

  23. Arkane1 says:

    Wow!!!You have helped me on my wishlist of albums with this one. Been looking for this for a while. Great album. Thanks so much! Peace!

  24. Jan says:

    Great post. Sweet Sweet soul.

  25. Josef says:

    Killer record, thanks for sharing!

  26. Luther says:

    Such a pleasure listening…. You keep amaze me with your taste.

  27. Groovy Emmanuel says:

    Changing times. A turning point in the development of black music, where artists and styles were going through many twists in pure musical area, just before the influence of Disco was about to hit strong. Just the moment where the sound that was coming out of the Curtom studios was “struggling” somehow to remain relevant to these changing times. In simple words: the sound of mid seventies.

  28. Peter says:

    Cool! Hadn’t heard this, very nice!

  29. flormega says:

    thanks for this amazing post!

  30. per aspera ad astra says:

    Thank you very much

  31. Jimmy says:

    Thanks for so many great posts, and the artwork is so prescious!

  32. Andre says:

    damn this record is out cold thanks a million nikos!

  33. cutz says:

    dope site brother

  34. Mick says:

    This is a sure shot. I really liked a few songs i had, so I know I’m gonna dig this! Thanks Nikos.

  35. Tobias Funke says:

    Thanks for this, “Superpeople” was one of THE tracks for me back in my rare groove days in the mid 80’s. I may be getting on now but the music stil sounds great to me! Cheers

  36. robert says:

    This sounds smooth, many thanks!

  37. mulatt says:

    Wow,I like this lp.Cool!!

  38. analog6 says:

    Good stuff. Thanks.

  39. Cody B says:

    Top shelf Nikos. Thank You. Bonus cuts are awesome as well. I remember Take It Slow from the great Big Cheese CD compilation, The Smoocher, and Superpeople from tons of bootlegs until it showed up in the Curtom CD reissues. The rest is all new to me..Appreciated.

  40. R0yalty says:

    You got some heat im loving the blog keep doin your thing

  41. cafecafecafe says:

    Thanks. The sample sounds good.

  42. Martin says:

    Sweeeet :) simply beautiful music. musch thanks Nikos!!!

  43. JC Brooks says:

    The Notations are still doing it and sounding quite good. They’re on the Numero Group’s Eccentric Soul Revue tour this November, and they’re dusting off “Super People” and “It Only Hurts for a Little While” just for the occasion!

  44. susan says:

    When I download it, it says the Royalettes 1966?!
    Is it thr right link?


  45. Nikos says:

    Now it’s ok.

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