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This is a surprise post. I do not usually post “Greatest Hits” but you keep seek for more of this beloved sweet soul trio. So this rare double LP contains almost every single of The Moments. “Love on a Two Way Street”, “Sexy Mama”, “Not on the Outside”, “Look at Me(I’m In Love)”, etc. Even some of the lesser known songs are noteworthy and worth checking out. These boys from Jersey will not disappoint you!

The Moments typify the ‘Old Skool’ sound. Three-part harmony unmatched by many other groups of their time, or since, for that matter. The wailing first tenor of Billy Brown, the seductive second of Harry Ray, and the filling bottom supplied by Al Goodman makes for sheer listening pleasure. If you’ve never heard them, pick this one up, and you won’t want to put it down. The rest of you enjoy all the hits and more.

This is a fine @320 vinyl rip of the original Chess Record including covers.

Side 1
1. Not On The Outside 4.15
2. Sunday 2.30
3. Love On A Two-Way Street 3.30
4. I Do 3.05
5. Sexy Mama 3.05

Side 2
1. All I Have 3.30
2. Lovely Way She Loves 4.00
3. Lucky Me 3.40
4. Look At Me (I’m In Love) 3.35
5. I’ve Got to Keep On Loving You 4.40

Side 3
1. Somebody Loves You Baby 2.45
2. If I Didn’t Care 3.06
3. Girls 3.05
4. To You with Love 3.00
5. I’m So Lost 3.00

Side 4
1. Nine Times 4.40
2. With You 3.35
3. Just Because He Wants To Make Love (Doesn’t Mean He Loves You) 3.30
4. What’s Your Name 4.00
5. Gotta Find A Way 3.40

Against all the odds The Moments were one of the most consistent hit-making groups in the history of R&B. With a couple of exceptions, they recorded fairly formulaic sweet doo-wop-influenced soul during the funk and disco era for a label that didn’t have and sweetening on their records.

Nevertheless, The Moments and Ray, Goodman & Brown, as they later became known, had a string of R&B hits between the late 60s and the late 80s.

Mark Greene, Richard Gross and John Morgan, all from Washington, DC, signed to Joe and Sylvia Robinson’s All Platinum organization as The Moments in1968. Their first single, the pleading ballad “ Not On The Outside”, reached #13 on the R&B chart that year. However, Greece and Gross were fired by the label owners after a couple of gigs at the Apollo Theatre went badly. They were replaced by Billy Brown, who had previously been in The Broadways, and Al Goodman. The new line-up reached the R&B Top 10 the next year with the doo- woppy “ I Do”, but Morgan, the last original member of the group, was then replaced by Robinson’s brother-in –law John Moore.

With Moore the group recorded “ I’m So Lost” and “Lovely Way She Loves” in 1969, an their mega-hit, “Love On A Two-Way Street”, in 1970. With its cavernous echo surrounding a chanking guitar and gentle bass undertow, the production on “Love On A Two – Way Street” highlighted Brown’s wimpy falsetto, somehow suggesting that there was a full uptown orchestra behind him. It stayed at the top of the R&B chart for five weeks and reached #3 on the pop chart. However, just after the single was recorded, Moore left the group and was replaced by Harry Ray.

Ray sang lead on the group’s next hit, “ If I Didn’t Care”, while Brown took the lead on “ All I Have”. A string of faceless romantic ballads followed, before the release of the deliciously sleazy “ Sexy Mama” in 1973, which setan early rhythm box against a string section to create a groove that presaged disco. The next year’s “Sho Nuff Boogie”, a duet with Sylvia Robinson, also featured drum-machine experimentation. The Moments linked up with labelmates The Whatnauts to record the early disco favourite “Girls” in 1974, which hit #3 on the UK pop chart.

“Look At Me (I’m In Love)”, a typical Moment’s ballad with an unusually lush string arrangement, reached the top of the R&B chart. As hard as they tried with out- and- out funk tracks, such as “Come In Girl” from 1976’s Moments With You album, the group found it difficult to break a sweat. The disco years proved lean for The Moments, although they did manage to enter the UK Top 10 with “ Dolly My Love” and “Jack In The Box”. Times were also tough for All Platinum, and the group and the label parted company at the end of 1977.

As All Platinum owned The Moments’ name, when the group signed to Polydor in 1979 it was as Ray, Goodman & Brown. The trio hit immediately with “Special Lady”, a modern doo-wop record with a great hook.

However, aside from “ Another Day” – a favourite hip-hop sample thanks to its bouncy bass groove and spacey keyboard riff – the rest of their Polydor records were utterly nondescript doo-wop. Ray left the group in 1982 to pursue a solo career. His place was taken first by Kevin “Ray” Owens an then Wade Elliott, who stayed with the group until their chart hit “ Where Did You get That Body, baby?” in 1988.

Ray died of a stroke on October 1, 1992, but the group remained active on the oldies circuit throughout the 90s. In 2003 a line-up of Goodman, Brown, Owens an Larry “Ice” Winfree released two new albums, Intimate Moments and A Moment With Friends (a covers album), and they also performed backing vocals on Alicia Keys “ You Don’t Know My Name” the following year.

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  1. jason says:

    Oh! My God!!!!! I can’t thank you enough for such a present today. Rare vinyl, too. i’ve never seen it before.

  2. johnny says:

    I grew up in NJ. Back in early 80’s there was a local station that played Old School. i still remember the feeling when i hear the Moment’s “Not on the outside”. Amazing song, the first hit of a great soul group. Thank you, man.

  3. pegasi says:

    I’ve eagerly awaited this post, but the download link is dead. Can you please fix.


  4. 2timez says:

    the link seem not 2 be workin

  5. Begh says:

    i can´t see the download link :s

  6. nikos1109 says:

    Link is working now. i apologize.

  7. Yo! says:

    Yo! I’ve been a long-time fan of your blog (since it was called Lost-In-Tyme), so I thought it was about time, I posted a comment. Just want to you show my respect for all the work you’re doing!! It’s really really cool. I was also wondering if you have any more Black Ivory (not Don’t Turn Around or Feel It) or Blue Magic (not 13 Blue Magic Lane)??? That would be really sweet :-)

  8. pegasi says:

    Thanks for the fix. I had this album way back when. Took it to a party and it got stolen (along with the Soul Generation “Body and Soul” album). Thrilled to have it back in my collection. Many thanks, Nikos.

  9. nikos1109 says:

    Yo, thanks for the support so far. I have most of Black Ivory and Blue Magic albums. So do not worry i will post something soon.

  10. k02 says:

    Fabolus post Nikos thanks again

  11. Lionel says:

    “LUCKY ME, ALL I HAVE, GOTTA FIND A WAY, SUNDAY, LOVELY WAY SHE LOVES, AND “I DO” are some of my all-time favorite jams! Man, it’s nice to have all these jams! It tickles me when the young folks ask me “who is that?” Then they are amazed that the old school groups sounded so good. In any event, the MOMENTS are truly MOMENTOUS!

  12. fin says:

    thanks for the high-quality post.

  13. Jos says:

    I remember the Moments well, I remember hearing “Love On A Two Way Street” for the first time on the radio, I remember buying the 45 and playing the grooves out of it. These guys can really belt out a soulful ballad and make you relate to what they’re singing about. I remember when a song came out called “You Must Be A Special Lady” by Ray, Goodman and Brown, I knew there was a reason why I liked it so much, these guys were the Moments.

  14. invisiblenigma says:

    Much Thanks Nikos! I love the Moments! Sounds great! As Does everything you post

  15. Soul is the Music says:

    This is the straight up Soul for folks who Love True R-N-B Singing from the Soul. “Love on a Two way Street” is the jam. if you dig the Dells,Stylistics,Blue Magic,etc… then this is for you.

  16. nikos1109 says:

    Yes, the Moments belogs to that top class sweet soul legends. Just to add that all these groups influenced by the great Smokey and his Miracles and do not forget to mention The Delfonics with their 3 classic wonderful albums between 1968 – 1970 (Thom Bell produced them).

  17. Kizza says:

    Brilliant harmony soul, and brilliant post once again! Thanks!

  18. hooch says:

    Many thanks Nikos!

  19. gea says:

    Amazing post! thanks a million.

  20. oak says:

    fantastic site. Keep on.

  21. Lafayette says:

    Enjoy your vacation, Nikos! :¬)


  22. sly73 says:

    waouh!thank you so much for all this music&info. you’re a Don!!! i say respect

  23. doris says:

    You are simply the best…. as Tina sings!!!!!!

  24. T.A. says:

    Finally this one prooves that The Moments were so big. Thanks for the education.

  25. samuel says:

    Classic harmony vocals. A joy!!!

  26. nikos1109 says:

    This special “Greatest Hits” features 70s tracks by The Moments pulled from their Stang recordings for Sylvia Robinson, and compiled by her later for this Chess/Sugar Hill co-release. (No wonder Ray, Goodman, and Brown were so mad at her!)

  27. nikos1109 says:

    Thanks Laf, catch you soon.

  28. zion says:

    This is off the hook. Definitely a must have for anyones’ collection. Thanks much.

  29. Mario says:

    The Moments who would go on to become Ray, Goodman and Brown were one of the top R&B groups of the 1970’s Love On A Two-Way Street brings us back to a time when songs were sung by singers who could really sing.

  30. faKES says:

    Thanks for the memories, nikos.

  31. Elinor says:

    I loved these songs when I first heard them in the 70’s. Singing is so clear and beautiful – love the voices. They make me feel wonderful and I love to listen to them. I get very sentimental when I hear them. Thanks for sharing.

  32. eric says:

    Yo! These cats are the smooveness! thank u my brova!!!

  33. BrooklynMouse says:

    I used to have this LP, not the second version, but the first one, it was in terrible shape, because the vinyl was beat up and it had scratches on both sides and the label was all in terrible condition. It had the songs:

    Side 1:

    1. Not on the Outside
    2. I Won’t Do Anything
    3. Sunday
    4. Somebody Loves You
    5. I Do

    Side 2:

    1. I’m So Lost
    2. Where
    3. Lovely Way She Loves
    4. Love on a Two Way Street
    5. If I Didn’t Care

    There was also the Moments “Greatest Hits” released in 1971, I’m sure that this LP was updated in the later releases. Thanks a lot! Maybe you should do the 1971 LP called “Greatest Hits” soon.

  34. Jack Flash says:

    Thank You very much….some of My favs are on here…..

  35. Jim says:

    Thanks for this album

  36. gildog32 says:

    This is simply the best!!!!

  37. cafecafecafe says:

    Thank you Nikos. I love this group.

  38. manny says:

    wow i missed this one somehow, thanks

  39. wkc says:

    One of my favorites. Fell in love with them the first time I heard Love on a Two-Way street on the radio. Ran out that day to purchase the 45. Lots of great memories. Thank you

  40. Chris says:

    Great group! You guys just keep coming with the soul and funk. Thanks

  41. jerome green says:

    Hi Nikos,

    Thank you! I first heard Love On A Two-Way Street by Stacy Lattisaw when I was a kid. Then when I heard the Moments’ version, I thought it was a revelation! The real truth. What a beautiful sound.
    Thanks for all the great work.

    Peace, Jerome

  42. Eddie says:

    I was searching for this Moments album on iTunes and Amazon only last night and I found it here – fan bloody tastic
    I have the vinyl I bought years ago and have played it solidly. I’m so happy I made a donation – cool stuff Nikos – thank you
    They did an album called Sexy Mama as well which is pure making love music. I know because on the afternoon of the Queen’s 25th Jubilee whilst everybody was outside at the street parties me and my girl Margaret were making out sweetly to the Moments in her parents lounge :-)

  43. Q says:

    I was wondering how can I subscribe to your blog

  44. Clifo says:

    There is nothing like the look, feel and sound of a record..thanks!!

  45. Chris says:

    Got this on vinyl and thanks for saving me the time of burning and converting it. I do appreciate all the hard work you all put in. Thanks

  46. Troods says:

    I have this album! But no turntable. Now I can listen to it again, just like a did a long time ago. I’m very happy. Thank you Nikos. I’m glad I found you.

  47. DJFREDRH says:

    Where is “BABY LET’S RAP NOW” the best song the “MOMENTS” ever recorded !

  48. DJFREDRH says:

    Thank you Nikos. I hope someday they put out a box set. They could call it “THE MOMENTS A.K.A. RAY, GOODMAN & BROWN 1968-1988. It would include everything from “Not On The Outside” to “Love On A Two-Way Street” to “Baby Let’s Rap Now” to “Special Lady” to “Where Did You Get That Body, (Baby)” Now that would be a box set worth buying! Someone told me Rhino Records now owns their masters, maybe we should contact them and start a petition.

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