Smoke – 1976 – Risin’

Ultra-rare soul masterpiece…

Here’s another wall record for all you private soul collectors. This one speaks for itself if you are an avid digger. I really don’t have to say much about this one.A near impossible Lp to find. Check here how much it costs.

By posting this album, I would like to give my sincere and warm thanks to all of you who have donated to this blog. With your help, we are in a course of obtaining several rare lp’s, that it would be very hard to obtain otherwise. I would also like to assure you that every USD you donate is used exclusively for purchasing such great albums, that will be posted here as soon as I will get them.

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the original J. Bridge Records LP including covers.

A1. I Can Feel Your Love 3.17
A2. I’m So Glad You Came Along 2.55
A3. Rainy Night 3.13
A4. Cream Of The Crop 2.23
A5. I’m So Lonely 8.21
B1. Have I Really Love You 2.51
B2. Now You’re Gone 2.23
B3. You Will Always Be A Part Of Me 3.14
B4. Don’t Take Your Love 4.23
B5. Make Believe 3.49

smoke - risin' back

Album Review by Trakbuv

“Move over O’J’s, Spinners and Temps. The fire may be comin’, but ‘Smoke’ is here” boasts the sleeve notes. This heralds the male quartet’s first and only album, ‘Risin’. The ensemble consisted of Ernest and Arthur Malone, Melvin Manning and Larry Brown, all hailing from Kansas City, and all very capable of taking centre stage. If only for this reason, the opening claim holds some water. Personally, the band come across as a blend of many premium soul groups of the day, with the Ebonys and Impressions coming to mind.

The material is a nice cross-section of mid-70’s soul, all composed (with the exception of the final track) by Elmer Overton, who also co-produced the sessions with Les Matthews. I am unfamiliar with either personnel, but the arranger, one Benjamin F Wright, Jr, is renowned for his sympathetic support of many top acts, including the Chi-Lites, Dells, and the Temps. Backed by prominent Chicago session musicians (Burgess Gardner, Don Myrick, John Bishop, Vince Willis, etc), the recording has a very competent, not overly-polished sheen. Very very nice indeed.
The strength for me in the recording is the diversity of sounds on offer. There is ‘I’m so glad’ with a captivating two-step arrangement and vocal reminiscent of Leroy Hutson, the lead also giving the more bouncy ‘You will always’ a commercial edge. Then we have a glorious falsetto with incredible clarity exhibited on ‘Now you’re gone’ and ‘Don’t take your love’. And we also have a tenor with a gruff edge that the Ebonys would have enjoyed. He drains every strand of his vocal chords with his expressive charge in the sombre, organ-lead ‘I’m so lonely’, an 8 minute opus, and the similarly toned ‘Make believe’, with some mighty fine harmonies. Also special mention to ‘Have I really lost you’ as possibly the best vocal showcase for the group.

Curiously, my favourite track, the lilting ‘Rainy Night’, boasting a warm, engaging falsetto, is apparently on a Smooth Jazz CD by Donald Harrison entitled ‘3D vol.1’. Completely misplaced, it has accredited the artist to Elmer Overton, its composer and producer.

Gratitude should be forthcoming to Nikos for sharing his recent acquisition with the rest of us, one I’m confident you will get a lot of enjoyment from.”

You can buy the vinyl here or here and a japanese cd release here.

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  1. Trag says:

    I stupidly let the cd reissue pass me by and have searched in vain since then. Thanks so much for finally giving me the chance to hear the entire album.

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  5. musicmeiho says:

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  8. DLC says:

    Hey, it’s great to see some KC soul! Though I live here I know very little about any homegrown 70’s soul music. Thanks for the chance to hear some.

  9. invisiblenigma says:

    Wow! You really did it with this one Nikos! Amazing Post. I can’t say thanks enough! Much Appreciated!

  10. Max says:

    Amazing soul gem! Thank u so much!

  11. k02 says:

    Never heard of this record, thanks for introducing this to me Nikos

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  14. much love nikos a producer best friend

  15. abrodos says:

    This is my introduction to this group. Thank you!

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    Wow! What a rare find! Excellent album. thanks.

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    Many thanks indeed nikos – greatly appreciated!

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  19. jaguar says:

    Another excellent, rare, LP.

    Many thanks.

  20. JTF says:

    Sweet Smoke!

  21. Zion says:

    Excellent stuff! Can’t thank you enough for your efforts.

  22. MagicSoul says:

    wooow…nikos, you are a true legend, thx for the hard work you puttin into that, totally appreciated!!! this is an amazing album, thank you so much ; ))°!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just discovered your site, great stuff you got here! I will DEFINETLY be back for more :)

    Thanks for the effort you put in it, its appreciated!


  29. Anonymous says:

    Thank You!!!! Awesome album, Cream of the crop such a wonderful tune.

  30. Ben says:

    Killer!!Best blog of the area for sure.

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    na sai kala gia ton vinilio! polli omorfa kommatia:)

  32. T.A. says:

    Unbelievable work. Thanks for another rarity.

  33. mula says:

    A great rare pressing

  34. Soulville says:

    WOW! many thanks for this. I’ll be playing some tracks on my radio show Soulville which goes out live on the net every Tuesday 8.30- 10.00 pm UK time.

    You can listen live by going to

    or check out the archives at my myspece site



  35. lazarus says:

    Wonderful album indeed.

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  41. Willie says:

    Man, I listen to this Smoke album and it’s nice. I never heard of them but I am glad you did. Thanks.

  42. constantin says:

    wow, what an incredible addition. “have i really lost you” has been a longtime favourite of mine. glad i now have the chance to hear the entire album. thanks so much

  43. Never Lopez says:

    Thanks for this awesome album, and all the whole work to share these rare grooves. You deserve a Nobel prize brother.

  44. Simon666 says:

    great stuff! Thanks Nikos, and thanks Trakbuv for the review

  45. Dirk says:

    Hello Nikos, so many thanks 4 this ultra gems, you make us so happy every day, thank you and much respect to a great soul brother, best regards Dirk aks funkgroover

  46. gershi says:

    I have searched for this so long. Thanks a million times.


  47. Masterpiece indeed!!!! I guess a million thanks is not enough. REAL SOUL ALL THE WAY.

  48. louis says:

    nice rare stuff i have being looking for.many than ks for your gesture..fantastic soul harmony.bless

  49. bowlisha1 says:

    Damn Nikos! I been around the block a few good spins (I’m no spring chicken) and that was a first play fall in love if I ever heard one. LOL.

    Thank you so much. You’ve got my donation as you have earned it. I tried to donate to another blog and I won’t mention any names but the person should really lighten up. He won’t even respond to my offer to give him a donation. I’m too old to play games. Just trying to show my appreciation and show him the majority do not take and give nothing in return.

    You rock Nikos and please don’t let me forget your supporting cast. Thanks to all of you. Be in touch shortly!

  50. nikos1109 says:

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  51. fritzthecat says:

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  52. Chris says:

    Great site and I appreciate your dedication to getting your “fans” the music they want.

  53. anonymous says:

    Wow…this was an amazing album, Thanks so much for sharing!

  54. Arkane1 says:

    I’m a little late getting this Smoke (Risin’) album. I only wish I could find rare amazing gems like this where I live. Thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication!

  55. jerome green says:

    Hi Nikos,

    Beautiful! Thank you for everything you do.

    Peace, Jerome

  56. G-Rock says:

    A little curious so I copped it. WOW! Just the feel alone is old skool. Thx!

  57. walter clark says:

    woah oh man

  58. DJ VIP says:

    Gotta Love This Group,So Heres My Contribution To This Awesome Blog,Its The Other Album By Smoke aka Blacksmoke ENJOY!

  59. analog6 says:

    Thanks for posting this rarity.

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    Holy crap!

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    just ran in to this blog – I LUV U!

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    I miss you guys!! This is Michael the Trumpet player. It’s been a long time.

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    woah. fellas. this is dave the sound guy and van driver extraordinaire. many mile with you during 72-74. talk to me at

    love the web!

  65. Troods says:

    Your generosity, committment to finding our “lost” music will never be taken for granted. Thank you, thank you. Maybe someday the record companies will open the vaults, rip the whole lot and make it available to us soul hungry folks. In the meantime, we have you and boy are we lucky!

  66. brotherpete says:

    What a killer album !!! Thanks ever so much

  67. Bass says:

    Thanks men for introducing me to such a great soul

  68. dimitri lee malone vollmer says:

    Thankyou every and anyone for listening to my fathers group and album I’m sure they really appreciate it! I do!! A lot of good oldies have long been. Forgotten! Thankyou with. All my heart! Dimitri Lee malone

  69. Felicia Walker says:

    I no Earnest Malone from the group. Ive been trying to find this album for a long time!

  70. robbyroc says:

    There was a funk dand in the 70’s that went by the name Black Smoke, had a song called ” your love has got me screamiing” hav e you heard of them?

  71. robbyroc says:

    Found It
    CLP 2001 – Smoke – Smoke [1976] Previously scheduled, but unissued, as Casablanca NBLP 7010. Also released as Blacksmoke (same cover but different title and artist name on cover only: still credited as Smoke on the label). Gotta Bad Feeling/(Your Love Has Got Me) Screamin’/Turn This Thing Around/There It Is/I Don’t Care (What You Do)//You Needn’t Worry Now/What Goes Around Comes Around/Sunshine, Roses And Rainbows/Freedom Of The Mind

  72. Skip Lacy says:

    I use to play behind the group here in KC. I have a copy of the album that was given to me by one of the writer’s of the music for them, Eugene Smiley. This was quite a suprise to read that the music and the artist(s)
    were still appreciated. Thanks.

  73. Ricardo says:

    Thanks for your ongoing work keeping this rare old stuff alive. Its really appreciated by all who visit here.

  74. jeff says:

    Thanks for your hard work, this is a gem of an album.

  75. Faab says:

    I love your site, especially when we find THAT kind of rarities.Love Ya & Thanks for all these good works.Best Quality, and it still works.BIG BIG UP!!

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