Shotgun – 1977 – Shotgun

This Detroit outfit never got their big break & judging by this smoking slab of prime funk, it’s a complete mystery how success eluded them. Oozing with the very same kind of grooves found in class acts like Brick, Slave, Cameo & the Kay-Gees, this album explodes from the opening salvo & never relents until the fade of the final cut. Packed with snappy bass lines, rubbery vocals & punchy guitars, “Shotgun” cruises along at a generally restless pace & leaves the listener satisfied in the end. How these boys never made the big leap is beyond me.



A1 Shotgun 3.11
A2 Troubleshooter 3.43
A3 Good Thing 3.52
A4 Concrete Jungle 3.28
A5 Get Down With the Get Down 3.25

B1 Mutha Funk 4.56
B2 Shady Lady 4.27
B3 Hot Line 4.47
B4 Dynamite (The Bomb) 3.18


shotgun – 1979 –  shotgun  iii

The first album by Shotgun — one of the many major label funk groups who flourished briefly at the end of the 70s. The group have a harder sound than most of this nature — with plenty of guitars in the mix, and an overall heavier sound than you’d expect from an effort of this type. In fact, there’s almost a rock/funk kind of groove going on — one that would be more typical of early 70s crossover efforts on Epic, in the wake of Sly Stone and other artists like that. Tracks include “Concrete Jungle”, “Get Down with the Get Down”, “Mutha Funk”, “Hot Line”, “Dynamite (The Bomb)”, and “Good Thing”. (Dusty Groove America)


This six-man funk outfit’s debut album showcased two single releases. “Hotline” is a moderately paced funk cut with lyrics that are somewhat vague with regard to the song’s message; the number peaked at #87 after seven weeks on the Billboard R&B charts. “Mutha Funk” is a pumpin’ number which lives up to its title; however, the single only managed a #67 ranking after staying on the charts one week longer than the album’s initial release. Most of the vocals are poorly arranged. As funky as this group’s music is, many cuts are heavily doused with rock & roll. (AMG)

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  1. Cliff says:

    Been looking for some Shotgun for awhile. Thanks man. And your site is all that and a ham & cheese sammich! Props to ya.

  2. Mr sam says:

    Nice shot!

  3. 24 carat vinyl says:

    goldish upload, thanks!

  4. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz says:

    my grandfathers was in shotgun

  5. michael hester says:

    looking foryou for years glad to find you

  6. Ty Hall says:

    My father is Tyrone Steels of Shotgun. I listen to his track everyday and I sing. I would love to re-cut some of their tracks!

  7. Aaahlex says:

    The titletrack of this album is my favourite funktrack of all times. It just explodes! I have it als the ringtone on my mobile now. Also, this is one of the best funk recordcovers I know! Shotgun should have been big! I have the first 4 albums. My regards to Tyrone Steels. Does he know what happened to William Talbert?

  8. mizzana says:

    tyrone steels is my grandpa and its true

  9. eddy says:

    thank you jesus!

  10. andrew toth says:

    This lp blows my mind. Many thanks!

  11. anthony steels says:

    Oh Yeah> Was just listening to All of shotgun’s albums on Christmas with my father, Willie j Steels who is tyrone’s brother. Shotgun was Happenin. and still sound good. Good to see this website. Lets bring some of this music back!. ……Love ya, your nephew.. Anthony steels

  12. Jake says:

    Thank you. Thank you so very much.

    This is the best thing ever.

  13. pete says:

    this album is the business. mutha funk!!!! indeed

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