Sandra Phillips – 1970 – Too Many People In One Bed

Intro by Dusty Groove – Main Review by Derek Anderson

Rip, Posting and additional info’s by Nikos

Sandra’s a heck of a singer – and even though she only got a chance to cut this one album, it’s more than enough to make her tops in our book! Jerry (Swamp Dogg) Williams produced, and the set’s got a sweet southern style that puts it right up there with the best work of Ann Sexton, Tommie Young, or other obscure southern females from the same generation – a great mix of heartbreaking soul and more righteous modes – definitely enough to show that despite her deep feelings, Sandra’s no pushover! Williams wrote most of the songs as well – but they’re quite different from his usual fare, quite sensitive stuff without any of the Swamp Dogg jokes or political moments you might expect.

A1 Rescue Song 2:40
A2 It’s Been Down So Long 2:35
A3 My Man And Me 2:32
A4 To The Other Woman (I’m The Other Woman) 2:45
A5 Now That I’m Gone (When Are You Leaving) 2:15
A6 Someday (We’ll Be Together)3:05
B1 After All I Am Your Wife 2:05
B2 Ghost Of Myself 3:05
B3 You Get Him (He Was Never Mind) 3:35
B4 She Didn’t Know (She Kept On Talking) 4:12
B5 Please Don’t Send Him Back To Me 2:03
B6 Some Mother’s Son 3:30

Producer Swamp Dogg hadn’t known Sandra Philips long before he signed her to Canyon Records. Swamp Dogg was introduced to Sandra by her ex-husband. He let Swamp Dogg hear a single she cut for Epic. This was kismet. Not only was Sandra hugely talented, but she’d potential. She was desperate to forge a career in music. Her soulful, emotive voice that could make lyrics come to life. This was just what Swamp Dodd needed. It would fill a void left by Doris Troy who Swamp Dogg had previously worked with. Doris was proving unreliable. She’d stopped taking Swamp Dogg’s calls, was missing concerts. Then there was the small matter of a Buick Estate Wagon Swamp Dogg bought her. It had been shot up by her new “manager.” So, with Doris Duke looking unlikely to have much of a future with Swamp Dogg. That was a huge loss. After all, Doris had released the Deep Soul classicI’m A Loser“. Doris could’ve and should’ve been one of the biggest female soul singers. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. She’d gone A.W.O.L. and someone was needed to fill that huge void.

That’s where Sandra Phillips came in. Realising the potential Sandra clearly had, Swamp Dogg signed her to Canyon Records. He then took Sandra down to Macon, Georgia, where with a crack band in tow, Sandra Phillips recorded “ Too Many People In One Bed ” for Canyon Records. It could’ve and should’ve been the album that launched her career. After all, Sandra was talented singer, capable of bring lyrics to life. Songs takes on a cinematic quality. Pictures unfolds before your eyes. The characters within the twelve songs become very real. So much so, you end up sharing their hurt and pain. Not every singer can make music come alive like that. No. Far from it. However, Sandra Phillips could. 

That’s apparent on “Too Many People In One Bed”, which is like a twelve short stories. Tales of betrayal, heartbreak, loneliness and love gone wrong, it’s all on Too Many People In One Bed. A whole range of emotions come pouring out. We also see different sides to Sandra Phillips. One minutes she’s heartbroken, the next defiant, feisty or sassy. Whether Sandra’s vocal is powerful or tender, it’s equally effective. For that reason, there are no disappointments on “Too Many People In One Bed”. Instead, it is a reminder that Sandra Phillips could’ve and should’ve enjoyed a successful career. Sadly, it wasn’t to be. Sandra’s musical career petered out. She retrained and enjoyed commercial success and critical acclaim as an actress. However, Sandra Phillips’ life and career could’ve been very different, if Canyon Records hadn’t folded. Maybe then, she’d have enjoyed the commercial success and critical acclaim that later came her way as an actress. “Too Many People In One Bed” which was rereleased by Alive Records, is a tantalising reminder of one of Southern Soul’s best kept secrets, Sandra Phillips. 

Standout Tracks: “Rescue Song“, “ I’ve Been Down So Long“, “ If You Get Him (He Was Never Mine)” and “ She Didn’t Know (She Kept On Talking)“.

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