Prime Time – 1984 – Flying High

Prime Time Flying High front

Rip and Research by Mr.Moo 

Posting and additional info’s by Nikos

Sweet keyboards and loads of wonderful 80s grooves – a great little set that perfectly balances jazzy riffing, funky rhythms, and warm soulful vocals! The cover’s a bit slick, but there’s a lot more depth here than some of Prime Time’s contemporaries – an ear both for the mainstream and the soulful underground – and one that has the group sparkling well on both the upbeat groovers and the sweet slow slow steppers! (Dusty Groove)

A1 I Owe It to Myself 3.46
A2 Make Up Your Mind 3.48
A3 Flying High 4.40
A4 I Want Somebody Tonight 2.51
A5 Spinning 3.08
A6 Give It to the Beat 3.41
B1 Love Talk 5.40
B2 I Can’t Get You Off My Mind 5.13
B3 Talk It Over 4.46
b4 Anytime Is Prime Time (Theme Song) 4.46

Prime Time Flying High back

PRIME TIME was an electro Funk band who first formed in 1972 out of Los Angeles USA. The line up consisted of Jimmy Hamilton on keyboards, Frankie Babe Moore on drums, Dale Hightower on percussion and Maurice Hayes on the bass and lead vocals.

FLYING HIGH was released in 1984 on Total Experience Records, who by this point were famous for providing a label home for the likes of the GAP Band, Yarbrough & Peoples, Pennye Ford and the legendary Billy Paul.

The suitably sparse opening track I OWE IT TO MYSELF climbed all the way to #21 on the US R&B chart late in 84 and was covered the following year by fellow Total Experience group, the GAP band on The GAP Band VII. Other notable tracks include the atmospheric Electro groove, GIVE IT TO THE BEAT along with the upbeat and slightly haunting jam, LOVE TALK. Both of these tracks went on to become firm Dance and Funk fan favourites throughout the 80’s and beyond (Cherryred Records).

Extensive Review and more by Derek Anderson here.

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  1. Def says:

    i surely dig this one.

  2. Les says:

    thnx so much for posting this ultimate album,brings back so many great memories.

  3. Barry says:

    I had this on vinyl. Great electro groove..

  4. Robert says:

    sweet,diggin this!!

  5. Rene says:

    Oh! Never had the chance to listen to it. Thanks Mr.Moo.

  6. Meli1505 says:

    Brilliant 80’s. Thank you.

  7. 2 Dam Funky says:

    Nice post Nikos, could do with some more post like this, excellent, thank you.

  8. Brian says:

    Most definitely some great grooves on that. Thanks as always.

  9. Lemuel says:

    Perfect for car rides at night.

  10. Pen says:

    The Good Times!

  11. Ortega says:

    You always come with the heat. Thanks for that bruh!!!

  12. William says:

    It takes me back to my highs school years. Lovely.

  13. D!#13 says:

    I miss this sound.

  14. Blanic says:

    This is fantastic, as always, thanks a million for such a great collection of music. Nothing like new stuff for the ears…

  15. Vip says:

    Grade A cheese

  16. Petra says:

    Such happier times these were, the music and dancing.

  17. Frederick says:

    good lookin out

  18. Lem3@ says:

    After 30 years still sounds fresh to me. I love 80’s.

  19. Boris says:

    Thanks for this gem.

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