New York City – 1973 – I’m Doin’ Fine Now

The title cut, “I’m Doin’ Fine Now” is the one that many of us know New York City by. An oldie from 1973, but still a great oldie. New York City was produced by Thom Bell, Wes Farrell and John Bahler.

-New York City! The name of this tight, professional quartet implies diversity, drive and the spirit of a great metropolis. it’s all here for the listening-including the smash hit “I’m Doin’ Fine Now”. Their first album titled after the single, in which they apply their compellingly original stamp to such classics as “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” and “Hang On Sloopy”. The album also unveils the composing gift of their chief writer Tim McQueen. In addition to McQueen, New York City is John Brown, Edward Schell and Claude Johnson]]. All four men have been singing for partically their whole lives, first in the church, then in high school and professional groups. John Brown, was first tenor for the Five Satins (In The Still Of The Night, To The Aisle) and also sang backup with the Cadillacs on all their hits. His sister Estelle is a member of Sweet Inspirations. Actually, the flash and the fire that is New York city is no flash-in-the-pan, but rather the result of four years of intensive group exploration, singing, writing and performing together under different names in order to achieve their ultimate New York City indentity (from the back cover).

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the original Chelsea Record including covers.


Side A
1. Hang Your Head In Shame (3:00) **
2. Make me Twice the Man (3:16) **
3. By the Time I Get To Phoenix (3:55) **
4. Sanity (3:00) **
5. Hang On Sloopy (3:37) **
6. Set the Record Straight (2:56) **

Side B
1. Quick, Fast, In A Hurry (2:36) *
2. Uncle James (3:25) *
3. Ain’t It So (3:36) *
4. I’m Doin’ Fine Now (2:52) *
5. Reach Out (3:31) **

* Producer: Thom Bell
Arranged and conducted by Thom Bell
Recorded at Sigma Sound, Philadelphia,

** Producer:
Wes Farrell and John Bahler
Arranged and conducted by John Bahler / Vocal arrangements by New York City

New York City scored the first time out with “I’m Doing Fine Now,” so on the surface the group may have seemed like just a bunch of guys who got together, had a hit, and disbanded. Members John Brown and Claude Johnson had illustrious histories in music. Brown sang with the Five Satins, the Cadillacs, and filled in with the Moonglows when founder and member Harvey Fuqua called. Johnson sang with the Genies and was Don of Don & Juan. Tim McQueen (lead singer) and Eddie Schell, like Brown and Johnson, had sung in countless groups around New York City.
Before New York City, the four had recorded and gigged under the name Tri-Boro Exchange — a city bridge that links three boroughs (it was suggested by producer [[Wes Farrell]]). One single was released on [[Buddah Records]]. Farrell convinced Philly legend Thom Bell to produce some tracks for the group, including “I’m Doing Fine Now”, written by Sherman Marshall and Bell — it went to number 17 pop in 1973.
On the strength of the hit they started making personal appearances. Backing them on the road was the Big Apple Band, whose members included the late Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, who later formed Chic. None of the follow-ups came close to repeating their initial success. “Make Me Twice the Man,” written by McQueen, stalled at number 93, while “Quick, Fast, in a Hurry” peaked at number 79. Chicago’s Notations remade the McQueen song, a ballad that suggested their deep doo wop roots. The Chelsea label released two albums and a handful of singles, and then it was all over for New York City.

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  17. Groovy Emmanuel says:

    Thom Bell’s compositions were mostly great tunes produced in grand manner with over the top arrangements and heavily covered by loads of gooldust. NYC (the city…) has ever been the “center” of uptown r’n’b. NYC (the group…) is kinda the crossbreed of these two parts. It’s like Spinners (Atlantic period-another Thom Bell production) meet Little Anthony & The Imperials (remember “Goin Out Of My Head” from 1964?). It’s Philly vs NYC, a NBA thriller between the 67ers and the Knicks (sorry guys, that was too much!..) Yes Nikos, this post is that good…

  18. Rich says:

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  38. Lorenzo says:

    This record is fantastic! I found a hole box of records in the attic and this one was in it. It’s the best record I heard in years.
    I also bought it for a friend of mine.

    My favorite song is “Sanity”.

    Good shit!

  39. jean says:

    a beautiful lp…th e kind of record that u listen and say..oooooo shit..i like that…thanks to remind me those good joints

  40. Thomas from Gothenburg in Sweden says:

    I found N.Y.C first record a couple of months ago in an exhibition, today I found their second one.
    Really good music.
    I was looking for some information about the band when I found your site.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work

    Love, psyk & vinyl…

  41. Donnie says:

    I’m trying to find Happiness Is, download, stream audio something. I need to here that song man! Where can I find it.

  42. Alfred says:

    Rock and Roll! Wooooooo!

  43. Stuart says:

    Glad to read the appreciation both for New York City and your great site. I found this on vinyl, mint condition back in the late 80’s in a second hand record store. I’d never heard of the group at the time but loved the cover (ahhh do you remember the days of taking a chance on an album based on a funky cover).

    This is the album that helped start my 20 year plus love affair with all things Soul/ R&B…and for many reasons probably remains my favourite album of the genre.

  44. joe leader says:

    joe in boston gives it a five star rating.

  45. Dan says:

    Many thanks for this great album.

  46. this is the supper smooth sounds of disco R and B,
    of its time.

    you can feel the tom bell in the production .
    this is representive of classic disco and the mfsb and salsoul orchestra.
    Never ever confuse Skunk noise , funky junk with the wonderful sounds of smooth music .
    the jaggaged spunk noise attacking your mind .
    it started with parlament and funkadelic busy noise .
    yes there were two sides to the dance party .
    smooth or jaggaged.

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