Mastermind – 1977 – Mastermind

This is another fine contribution by Mr. Moo.

A classic bit of uptempo funk for the dancefloor and one of the tightest records from the time on Prelude! The group have a sound that’s partly in the Earth Wind & Fire ensemble mode and partly in the early disco style of other east coast groups augmented by just the right touch of strings to give them a nice full sound. The instrumentation’s all pretty nice, with lots of strong sax solos and other nice breakaway bits and titles include “I Am Music”, “Hustle Bus Stop”, “Mother Nature”, and “Runnin’ Away from Love”.

This is a @256 vinyl rip of the original Prelude Records including covers.

A1. I Am Music (3:53)
A2. Hustle Bus Stop (4:41)
A3. Free And Wild (5:24)
A4. Disco Party In The Street (4:12)
B1. Mother Nature (5:24)
B2. Runnin’ Away (4:09)
B3. Mastermind (6:04)

Produced by Danny Weiss
Executive Producer: Coolidge Abel-Bey

Mastermind are: Anselm Scrubb (trumpet, vocals), Mario Ford (baritone, tenor sax), Guy Fuertes (tenor sax, flute), Juan Clouden (percussion), Wendell Derrick (vocals, percussion), Lenny White (alto sax, flute), Joe Frye (guitar, vocals), Geoffrey Williams (keyboards, vocals), Brian Wilson (drums, vocals), Carl Bain (bass, vocals)

When R&B went high-tech in the ’80s, genuine bands became harder and harder to find. There were still plenty of groups in the ’80s and ’90s, although honest-to-God bands that had nine or ten members and boasted full horn sections became the exception instead of the rule. When Cameo and the Ohio Players downsized in the ’80s, you knew that large funk bands were becoming an endangered species. But back in 1977, when Mastermind’s first and only album came out on Prelude, R&B was still full of large, horn-driven bands. Listening to this enjoyable, if uneven, LP, you won’t be blown away by the singing — Mastermind didn’t have a great lead vocalist like Earth, Wind & Fire’s Philip Bailey, L.T.D.’s Jeffrey Osborne, or the Commodores’ Lionel Richie to win you over. What you will appreciate is the overall sound of the band and the horn-driven, jazz-influenced, very danceable funk grooves — cuts like “Mother Nature,” “I Am Music,” and “Hustle Bus Stop” could easily appeal to fans of Brass Construction, Mass Production, the Crown Heights Affair, or BT Express. Several jazz musicians are employed as guests, including saxman David Sanborn, trumpeter Jon Faddis, and guitarist Steve Khan. But none of them do a great deal of improvising — they’re only on board to support Mastermind, whose LP wasn’t a big seller and has long been out of print but is worth acquiring if, by some chance, you come across a copy somewhere. (Alex Henderson, All Music Guide)

You can buy the vinyl here or the cd here .

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  1. Dave says:

    Funky and groovy! excellent choice Mr.Moo.

  2. invisiblenigma says:

    Much Thanks Mr. Moo!!

  3. manny says:

    thanks for posting

  4. Simon666 says:

    This kicks ass, love it. Thanks Mr Moo and Nikos!

  5. Trakbuv says:

    Don’t you just love those horns and strings – everything is way too polished these days !! ‘Mother Nature’ ripped up those dancefloors, but my favourite butt shaker was ‘Hustle bus stop’.

    The essence of 70s funk and its uninhibited raw energy is all right here – fabulous choice Mr Moo – parrrrty !!

  6. Luchifer says:

    Looks like fire right here. Bravo Mr.Moo and Nikos.

  7. FeelYeah says:

    Nice! This looks like it’s gonna be rally good….thanks brothers. Peace

  8. jaguar says:

    Good LP. Great label.

    Many thanks Mr Moo & Nikos.

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  10. Gea says:

    Not familiar but can’t wait to listen to it.

  11. Lafayette says:

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  12. Taufique says:

    I’ve always appreciated your smazing shares. Mr.Moo, thank you also for letting me be part of your blog, and thank you Nikos for all of this.

    much love from Malaysia!

  13. jean says:

    thanks 4 the groove…..

  14. abrodos says:

    Thank U

  15. funkyDD says:

    Thank you nikos & Mr.Moo. Love this joint. Really brightened my day!!!

  16. hooch says:

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  17. Eliah says:

    Another great share. Love this site.

  18. phatrapper says:

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  19. Outerpsych says:

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    Thanx a lot.


  20. Seth says:

    Never seen it! i will definitely check it. thanx.

  21. Mel says:

    This is damn good!

  22. Byron says:

    Lovely share. Much Appreciated!

  23. Eddie says:

    Another gem! Can’t wait to give it a spin!

  24. jerome green says:

    Hi Nikos,

    Great find! I thought I knew the entire Prelude label, but I must have skipped over this. Thank you Mr. Moo & Nikos as always.

    Peace & much love, Jerome

  25. kirk says:

    Thanks for introducing Mastermind, Mr.Moo.

  26. musicmeiho says:

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  27. rich says:

    nikos many thanx for the mastermind album cant wait to hear it

  28. Jazzsoulman says:

    Thank you Nikos and (of course) Mr. Moo for this great funky gem!!! Love it!!!

  29. Mr sam says:

    Oh yeah! It is party time. Thanks again

  30. Claudio says:

    Thanks Mr Moo and Nikos, Mastermind is new for me but excellent

  31. Dan says:

    Exellence album. Big thanks.

  32. Ulysees says:

    Good read. Thanks. The original Bass player of this group is in my band now, and he’s still a bad man!!

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