Irma Thomas – 1964 – Wish Someone Would Care


A legendary soul album of the 60’s. The unrivaled Soul Queen of New Orleans.

Take A Look at Irma Thomas and you’ll be taking a look at an outstanding talent. [[Irma Thomas]] is in that special category of recording artists who knows what the word interpretation means. She is able to take lyric and melodies, some of which are written by her, and give full vibrancy and feeling to their meaning.

On Wish That Someone Would Care, Irma‘s in excellent form alongside some killer arrangements from HB Barnum all in a groove that takes New Orleans roots and mixes them with a greater sense of power and majesty an approach that’s a bit like some of Solomon Burke’s work over at Atlantic Records at the time, but with an obvious female soul spin overall. Barnum’s tight arrangements also open up Irma‘s sound in a way that some other arrangers could never reach and the album’s a killer through and through

This is a @320 vinyl rip of the original Imperial records LP including covers. You can buy both her Imperial records on one CD here.

A1. Wish Someone Would Care 2:20
A2. I Need Your Love So Bad 3:10
A3. Without Love (There Is Nothing) 2:57
A4. Please Send Me Someone To Love 2:28
A5. Another Woman’s Man 3:03
A6. Sufferin’ With The Blues 2:18
B1. Time Is On My Side 2:53
B2. While The City Sleeps 2:53
B3. Straight From The Heart 2:26
B4. I’ve Been There 2:37
B5. I Need You So 2:21
B6. Break-A-Way 2:30

The Reviews

Wish Someone Would Care is marked by the skills of noted arranger H.B. Barnum, who isn’t afraid to give Thomas the sonic support needed to make the most of her versatility. She illuminates the deeply soulful “I Need Your Love So Bad” and the remake of Percy Mayfield’s “Please Send Me Someone to Love.” However, she is probably best known for “Time Is on My Side” which resurfaced as a British Invasion hit for the still-wet-behind-the-ears Rolling Stones. Much closer to home, Thomas racked up kudos for her take on Jackie DeShannon’s “Break-A-Way,” again influencing a Brit as Tracey Ullman gave it an overhaul to great effect.


It’s because of powerful platters such as this that vocalist Irma Thomas would rightfully garner the crown as the undisputed Queen of New Orleans’ thriving R&B scene. She established her reputation as a no-nonsense soul sister with the attitude-driven “You Can Have My Husband (But Don’t Mess with My Man),” “A Good Man,” and the regional hit “Look Up” prior to landing at the Crescent City powerhouse Minit Records. It was there she joined forces with the musical wunderkind Allen Toussaint who provided Thomas her next batch of notable sides, specifically “It’s Raining” and “Ruler of My Heart” (aka “Pain in My Heart”). She was also among those to make the transition to the significantly larger Imperial Records after they purchased Minit in 1963. Wish Someone Would Care (1964) was the first of two long-players that Thomas released during her brief (1964 — 1966) run on the Imperial roster. The album opens with the yearning torch balladry of the title track “Wish Someone Would Care” featuring Thomas supported by the inimitable H.B. Barnum, who tempers her remarkably versatile voice in the first of several sensitive arrangements. “I Need Your Love So Bad” is reflective of the guttural and bluesy style commonly associated with the likes of Otis Redding and James Brown. Here, Thomas definitely gives the boys a run for their money. The melody of “Without Love (There Is Nothing)” bears a striking resemblance to the “Tennessee Waltz” during the languid verses. The chorus, however, finds Thomas calling on her gospel roots to really “sell” the performance to great aplomb. Her update of Percy Mayfield’s “Please Send Me Someone to Love” is a stone classic and easily takes on Odetta and Esther Phillips’ respective versions with plenty of power to spare. “Time Is on My Side” — initially relegated to a 45 rpm B-side — found its way across the Atlantic ocean where it would take on a life of its own once the Rolling Stones covered it less than a year later. Similarly, Thomas’ reading of the Jackie DeShannon co-penned “Break-A-Way” became a runaway smash throughout the bayou. And though it seemed to attract little attention elsewhere in the States, it has been remade to great effect by Tracey Ullman. Both the LP and single for Wish Someone Would Care crossed over onto the pop charts, simultaneously giving Thomas her only Top 40 single and Top 100 Album entry.


Read full biography here.

Listen up The Queen of The New Orleans

Download Link


I would like to thank cafecafecafe who cleaned this vinyl rip perfectly and Raphy for his support.

This post is dedicated to the people of New Orleans

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  1. Thanks a Million. You made my day

  2. Thanks a Million. You made my day.

  3. Donny says:

    Timeless… One of my all time favorite records. Thanks for the perfect rip.

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    What a lady, she’s such a wonderful artist. This music always make me happy, certainly after a stress day – isn’t that great ! It’s like a medicine that immediately brings you a cure.

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    Essential listening. A must have for every soul lover.

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  11. Soulmate says:

    Like I guess most you I thought the Stones’ version of “Time is on my side” was the original. Now I realize it was only a pale copy! Thanks for uploading this!

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    Love me some parents played her albums nonstop when i was a kid..made me a big fan..thanks for posting this.

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  24. Groovy Emmanuel says:

    Irma Thomas is unique. One in a million. New Orleans is unique. So much American, so much European, at the same time. Irma wasn’t staying somewhere for a long, she was drifting from one label to another. And when in 1964 she signed to Imperial, she was only 23 with a great career behind her and two divorces…. She wrote “Wish Someone Would Care” just after she had gone her 2nd divorce! She was always singing her heart out… Must be the “Rulers Of Her Heart”! How accurate for someone to express such emotions…. Meade Norman is the pseudonym of Jerry Ragavoy, one the greatest producers and songwriters of that era.

  25. nikos1109 says:

    Thank you GM, didn’t know about Jerry Ragovoy, whho’s -the-scenes force behind East Coast soul music. He wrote or co-wrote several classic New York and Philadelphia soul records in the 1960s.The best of these included Garnet Mimms’ “Cry Baby,” Erma Franklin’s “Piece of My Heart,” Howard Tate’s “Get It While You Can,” “Time Is on My Side” (done by Irma Thomas and the Rolling Stones), and Lorraine Ellison’s “Stay With Me.” You can listen one of the best soul songs ever “stay with me”

  26. nikos1109 says:

    And let’s clear out that Jerry Ragovy wrote “Time is on my side” for jazz trombonist Kai Winding, that was covered by Irma Thomas, and then by the Rolling Stones in a more rock-oriented version that gave them their first U.S.

  27. Michael says:

    Wow, such sweet soul. We so need this in todays music :(

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    I have another Fungus album by her – she’s somethin’ else. Thanks for this drop

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  40. Scriptsimon says:

    Huge thanks for this Irma album….was lucky enough to meet Irma at her home earlier this year, interviewing her for a documentary about the state and ongoing plight of New Orleans and its people….she was feisty, but lovely (what more could we ask!!) and it was a real pleasure and honour to spend time with her at home.

    We also were able to hang with Delfeayo Marsalis, Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry, Reggie Hall, Alabama Slim, and a few others….great times..

    many thanks again for this….

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  44. Sonnydj says:

    As a New Orleans native who has collected records since the age of 8 and losing my entire collection in Katrina and its aftermath, I want to thank you so very much for this post over almost everything else here. I lost this LP and so many others but now have it back and cannot believe it. God Bless You all!

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  49. Hi, soul brothers friens.Ii am from Italy and fond of soul/r & b music. How can I buy this lp? Is it available and what is the procedure? Thank you. Riccardo.

  50. please email me if it is on sale even as a reissue on vynil or cd. Warmest Regards- Riccardo

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    i really want to whole heartedly thank you for sharing this classic. when katrina happened i tried to get to N.O. via the red cross and george bush. they all wanted me to donate money. i have disaster experience and a lot of it. i worked guatemala after the huge quake there and many other places like the tsunami in thailand. michael moore had veterans for peace and food not bombs pick me up at my crib in la and take me to NO. the first day we were shot at by blackwater security and they stole the food and water we brought in. later in the day i heard the title cut from this LP. since that day, after wading into the city and seeing bloated bodies being eaten by alligators and african american brothers and sisters being treated worse than cattle….this song has summed up that whole experience for me. thank you. peace love and posterity for you all. respect…………rdc

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