Cane and Able – 1972 – Cane and Able

If you find Undisputed Truth great you will adore this one.

Fisrt album of those funky legends. The music shifts between psyche rock flavors, trippy guitar arrangements, hot brass arrangements and strong funky grooves.

A must to all Funk – Soul – Psych lovers!

Ultra-rare album of this cult group from the Paris funky scene of the 70’s! An absolutely killer funk album full of wah-wah and fuzzed guitars, deep soul vocals, hot basselines, wild afro percussion, and a really spaced out production. Essential !!!


1) Girl You Move Me 8.30

2) Starchild 5.15

3) Who’s Gonna Take The Weight 5.25

4) Don’t Knock My Love 7.42

5) Green Grass 3.32

6) Toe Hold 3.30

7) Found A Child 4.28

Media : LP
Label : akt – epic
Press : EPC 64797
Year : 1972
Country : France

Staff : french thompson (lead vocals,arrangements), blinky bostic (conga,timbale), garland edwards (guitar), norris ridguard (trumpet,valve,trombone), pee wee carter (drums), george alford (trumpet,vocal), doc brown (bass), billy ellis (alto & tenor sax), tony lytle & hasan tayratira (help)

A fantastic bit of tripped out funk! Cane & Able were one of the many groups that came out of the collective surrounding the Lafayette Afro-Rock Band in the early 70s — and like that group, Cane & Able draw on a wide range of influences to create a heavy funky sound. The album mixes the African influences used by the LARB with more of a hard soul vocal approach, with some cuts sounding a bit like material from Atlantic albums of the late 60s, but handled with more of a fuzzy edge. Includes a great funky reading of Wilson Pickett’s “Don’t Knock My Love“, a cover of “Who’s Gonna Take The Weight“, and the long tripped-out groover “Girl You Move Me“!


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