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FunkMySoul’s only purpose is to spread Soul, Funk and Rhythm & Blues from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, almost exclusively from the original vinyl.

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Our vision is to create a collection of the most important artists and albums of these genres, a musical encyclopaedia if you will.

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We hope that this passion can unify us all in our utmost respect for the purveyors of the music we love so much. Enjoy it and Bless you all Brothers and Sisters.


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A wonderful late 70s comeback for Eddie Holman – best known to folks for his earlier sweet soul work, but sounding equally great here on a set of club-heavy tracks! Although Eddie’s falsetto soul might have seemed like a...


The Heat Is On still brings the funk and soul even after all these years, showing that the old school sounds of yesteryear has and will continue to endure as long as there are people left who appreciate good...


Wow, this record is a tour de force of Brazilian flavored R&B/soul/funk. A €400 record at the market right now. Check out prices here and the whole story of this masterpiece here and here. This is an excellent introduction to one...


The one and only album we’ve ever seen from The 13th Floor – a hip little combo from St Louis, produced here by Oliver Sain in a great blend of jazz, soul, and funk! There’s a depth here that...


A killer debut from Rasputin Stash, a funky group who work with all the long-haired inspiration you’d expect from their name! The groove is a mix of guitars and tight horns – undercut by the kind of heavy basslines...


Someday at Christmas is a Christmas album by Stevie Wonder, released on November 27, 1967 under Motown Records. It was his eighth studio album release. It would also be re-released in 1978 with different cover art and different catalog...


~ The Temptations recorded two albums of Christmas songs for Motown’s Gordy Records: “Christmas Card” in 1970 and “Give Love at Christmas” in 1980. In total 19 tracks were recorded: 10 for the first album and 9 for the...


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without reviews

The Holiday Express Lady In The Rain front

One of the rarest Soul albums ever right here. Released in Early 70’s Self  label , Inc Nice Cover tune “Take Five“,  also of note is Mellow Soul  “Lady in The Rain“. A truly exceptional soul album all around, and one that rarely shows up...

hamilton bohannon stop & go front

Hamilton Bohannon’s finest record concocts sensuous funk grooves from daring arrangements boasting tripped-out wah-wah guitars, punishing basslines, and massive drum breaks. In short, a sampler’s wet dream. While later Bohannon discs would veer too far into the realm of...


Lim Taylor – You Hear Me Knocking 1974 Crossover Records. Released on Ray Charles newly formed Crossover label it’s one of only a few lp’s released on the label that aren’t by Ray, all of which seem to be...


An Obscure R&B Vocalist Better Known For His TV Work As A News Anchor As recording artist Roshell Anderson (born on September 16, 1952 in Bogalusa, Louisiana but raised in New Orleans) this R&B vocalist has to rank among...


This is one of the most classic R&B Christmas albums ever recorded.  The Temptations come steppin’ in prime form. With a chiming introduction, “Give Love on Christmas Day” is an uplifting jingle showcasing Glenn Leonard‘s unwavering falsetto on lead....


The Temptations began things by taking a kid’s song and transforming it into a funked-out and rollicking Yuletide hoot — making this celebratory, but not entirely reverant, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” the high point in their first holiday release,...


Sugar Billy’s 1974 original recording of “Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin’ on Me)” released in  as a single from his 1975 album Super Duper Love. It was made famous when English soul singer Joss Stone covered the song’s part one...


Now, here is a a pretty rare goodie, check prices here, never released on CD. Privately pressed in 1979, written by Johnny Mayes and composed by Dement Ormond Jr, with George Puleo on guitar. An uptempo, modern soul adventure –...

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(Thursday, Jan 19. 2017 12:29 AM)
Trying to complete some The Moments on Stang and looking for the below in 320:
On Top
A Moment With The Moments
Live At The New York State Womans Prison
(Thursday, Jan 19. 2017 12:50 PM)
For Ben – http://ul.to/ejp3zt6d on top, http://ul.to/bqjv2uux a moment wth + Live
(Friday, Jan 20. 2017 09:05 PM)
Thank you Sir!
(Friday, Jan 20. 2017 09:26 PM)
Nikos, John Mayes 1979 was originally posted in Funkuniversum 192 by Vichakani (his own rip), someone reupped this 192 here recently, why this is now posted 320 transcoded from 192?
[no sender]
(Friday, Jan 20. 2017 11:26 PM)
Kosta@ what is the problem?

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