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FunkMySoul’s only purpose is to spread Soul, Funk and Rhythm & Blues from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, almost exclusively from the original vinyl.

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Our vision is to create a collection of the most important artists and albums of these genres, amusical encyclopaedia if you will.

Our Passion

We hope that this passion can unify us all in our utmost respect for the purveyors of the music we love so much. Enjoy it and Bless you all Brothers and Sisters.


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soul searchers front

No group ever defined a city and sound as Chuck Brown and The Soul Searchers did Washington, DC and go-go music. This is the album that launched their musical movement and established Chuck Brown as the “Godfather of Go-Go.”...

The Artistics front

A well-titled set from one of the greatest soul groups to ever come from Chicago – a sublime quartet who had a way of voicing their tunes that was really head and shoulders above most of their contemporaries! This...

Michael Henderson In The Night Time front

You don’t get to play with someone like Miles Davis for six years unless you really can hold your own. And bassist Michael Henderson did just that, working with the jazz great from 1970 until ’76, recording some great...

Reuben Wilson  Blue Mode  front

Heavy funk from the mighty Reuben Wilson – one of his first few albums for Blue Note, and a solid soulful groover that’s right up there with Lou Donaldson’s work for the label at the time! Tracks are nice...

the mighty pope front

Heavily involved in the soul/funk/reggae scene in Toronto since arriving from Jamaica in 1965, the Mighty Pope (fantastic name) reinvented himself just a little bit to catch onto the disco craze. The album largely manages to avoid the sappy...


Heavy duty fuzzy funk  and a landmark album from one of the most Hendrix-inspired groups of the early 70s! The style here is guitar funk with plenty of rock thrown in – all really fuzzed-up in production, and often...

east coast 1973 front

An extremely rare soul album originally released in 1973, East Coast’s self titled album features drummer Larry Blackmon, who served as front man for the hit group Cameo; and a cast of session greats including Pat Grant (trombone); Gwen...

love committee front

The classic club groover by Love Committee, and one of the most sought-after on Gold Mind/Salsoul – a soulful set of club classics that almost beats most of the other work by its contemporaries! The session’s grounded in some...


without reviews

mighty ryeders - help us spread the message front

The birth of the Mighty Ryeders took place in April of 1977 (A.D.). Within a month after those first breaths, this gifted eight member group began setting the stage to be best or among the best recording and entertainment...

Beginning Of The End front

One of the rarest funky records of all time – the hard-to-find second album by Beginning Of The End! This West Indian combo hit it big with their first album on Alston, but this second set, for some strange...

Gloria Barnes

Gloria Barnes got her start as “Towanda” Barnes, releasing 45’s on both The Groovy Label in 1966 and A&M Records in 1969. “Uptown”, her one and only full-length offering, came two years later in 1971 on the somehat obscure,...

Big Black If You're Diggin' front

Soul/rock with some strong psych flavored moments, featuring fuzz guitar and lots of Afro/Latin rhythms. So this is what it was supposed to sound like!  Big Black’s “If You’re Diggin’ What You’re Doin’…” is a grin-inducing slice of early...

South Shore Commission front

  South Shore Commission’s claim to fame are the disco classics “Free Man,” “We’re on the Right Track,” and “Train Called Freedom.” All three were mid-’70s hits produced by Philly soul songwriter/singerBunny Sigler and included on South Shore Commission,...

Kitty And the the Haywoods Excuse Me I've Got a Life to Catch

By George O’Leary The Chicago-based all-female trio – and then quartet – Kitty & The Haywoods (sisters Kitty, Vivian and Mary Ann at first – joined in 1976 by Vivian’s daughter Cynthia) – began their career singing commercial jingles in...

Front - LP Cover - RS 7201 - 1968

Incredibly consistent soul jazz LP that just grooves all the way through.  Had me scrambling to find their first LP as well which is as good as this.  Elements of the Blue Note label’s sound of the period can...

Eramus Hall ‎Your Love Is My Desire Front

One of the last great soul albums on the Westbound label! Eramus Hall have a vague P-Funk connection – and according to legend, the band were given their name by George Clinton, who had seen a building in Chicago...

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Do you review new vinyl?
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Do you have Morning, noon, & night 1977 lp ? thanks for all you do!!
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For Evan – No, only 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.
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Thanks moo for the Lp!! does anybody have William Bell 1969 Boy meets Girl Lp? please upload thanks!!!
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