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FunkMySoul’s only purpose is to spread Soul, Funk and Rhythm & Blues from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, almost exclusively from the original vinyl.

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Our vision is to create a collection of the most important artists and albums of these genres, a musical encyclopaedia if you will.

Our Passion

We hope that this passion can unify us all in our utmost respect for the purveyors of the music we love so much. Enjoy it and Bless you all Brothers and Sisters.


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The Jackie Wilson style soars into the 70s – in a mode that’s definitely different than Wilson’s Brunswick work of a decade before – but which also show’s a really bold evolution in style! Jackie’s in the higher end...


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A masterpiece of smooth jazzy funk – and super-hip session headed up by the young keyboardist Bernard Wright! Wright’s working here with an insider crowd of jazz funk players that includes Bobby Broom, Dave Grusin, Marcus Miller, and Don...

Fred Hughes Baby Boy front

A soaring full length debut from Fred Hughes, a singer who cut some key singles for Brunswick Records in the late 60s, and more than lives up to their strength here on an album! The set’s got some very...

Randy Crawford Raw Silk front

“Raw Silk” is an album for the late nights when you just want to be chilled down with soft but great soul music. This woman has one of the sweetest female voices i know of, and this album was...


Nolan Porter had been through a lot in his short recording career. His records were billed as Nolan, Frederick II, and N.F. Porter, and his producer Gabriel Mekler’s record companies (Lizard and Vulture) closed up shop. Mekler licensed Nolan’s...

norman connors dance of magic front

A landmark first album from drummer Norman Connors – a spiritual jazz masterpiece that builds wonderfully on the post-Coltrane tradition! Norman is years away from his smoother soul recordings at this point, and coming out of a righteous jazz...

Merry Clayton  Gimme Shelter front

In order to understand the genuine class act you’re dealing with here – a potted-history of Merry Clayton’s past vocal glories will set the scene. She contributed to Neil Young‘s “The Old Laughing Lady” and “I’ve Loved Her So...


without reviews

Eddie Gale Black Rhythm Happening front cover

A Gem. Essential Funk/Soul/Jazz. The original vinyl LPs go for big bucks on Ebay. Black Rhythm Happening (the second Blue Note album by Eddie Gale) was released in 1969 and includes jazz heavy weight Elvin Jones on drums and...


What an extraordinary voice Letta Mbulu has and the two openers (especially “Afro Texas“) are thrilling inviters for a quite unknown album and singer. Everything here smells to early/middle 70’s, the loud brass section, the afro-funk and soulful expression,...

maze fet frankie beverly front

I first heard this album in the fall of 1977. I immediately fell in love with it.  The entire album comes highly recommended for some good soulful, listening. Here are my favorite picks and why I have selected them....


Chicago soul singer Ruby Andrews scored her first hit in 1967 with “Casonova (Your Playing Days Are Over)” which rose to #9 on the US R&B charts. In 1970 she released the full length album ““Everybody Saw You”” which...

betty Padgett front

Who is Betty Padgett? This is the question record collector and DJ Shane Hunt (aka DJ Sureshot) kept asking himself when he discovered the Betty Padgett self-titled 1975 debut LP while browsing through a dusty back room at a...

Luther Ingram - Let's Steal Away To The Hideaway front

This is the third Luther Ingram’s recordings for KoKo Records. Like his previous albums, was recorded in Muscle Shoals, and, with their classic Southern Soul sounds, was probably something of a last gasp of a type of music that...

City Limits  Circles front

Not one of the most famous groups on the Philly scene – but a great one! The band’s got a two-male/two-female harmony sound, with some nice jazzy inflections that remind us of similarly-structured groups, like Side Effect and Creative...

linda clifford linda front

This album is the debut outing for Linda Clifford, Curtom Records’ answer to Donna Summer. Although Clifford would soon become a well-known disco diva through hits like her over-the-top remake of “If My Friends Could See Me Now“, this...

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La collectionneuse
(Thursday, Dec 1. 2016 06:02 AM)
been a big fan of this blog for a long time….working on a new blog and linked to you
http://afroharping.blogspot.com/ thanks for all the great music
[no sender]
(Thursday, Dec 1. 2016 10:59 AM)
Hi there, could someone please share the below 3 The Impressions in 320 or FLAC please? Thanks!
Three The Hard Way, Check Out Your Mind!, First Impressions
(Friday, Dec 2. 2016 09:09 PM)
@ La collectionneuse what kinda music will you be posting over there?
[no sender]
(Monday, Dec 5. 2016 06:33 PM)
For Ben – http://ul.to/26467pff The impressions 3 albums
(Monday, Dec 5. 2016 07:52 PM)
Absolute legend Nikos, thank you!

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